Matthew Morrison Reveals Details From ‘Glee’s’ Underwear Episode; Cast Talks Super Bowl Secrets

Matthew Morrison has revealed new details about “Glee’s” upcoming underwear episode.

“We did this thing where, one of the characters is singing for the first time… and in order to get over their nerves, they have to see people in their underwear to make them feel better, more confident, about… singing,” Matthew told Access Hollywood as he joined some of his cast members and show creator Ryan Murphy, to shoot an upcoming cover for The Hollywood Reporter.

Last week, TV Line’s Michael Ausiello reported that the McKinley High gang were set to strip down to their skivvies in the episode as newcomer Lauren, played by Ashley Fink, sings for the first time on the show.

Beyond donning underwear, Matthew told Access, he expects “Glee” to continue to push boundaries.

“I think this show is gonna be more racier, I think the writers on our show constantly try to push the boundaries. Sometimes I read the script, I’m like, ‘How are we gonna get away with this being an 8 o’clock show on a Tuesday night?’ But I think TV’s a different medium than it used to be.”

Beyond Lauren’s first vocal performance, plenty of more developments are in the works for series, including the much talked about potential Jennifer Lopez cameo. According to Matthew, he’d like the newest “American Idol” judge to visit his set with a net on her noggin.

“I think she’s awesome. I’ve actually talked to her before about it,” Matthew told Access. “At one point we were talking about her being a lunch lady… in a hairnet, and stuff… kind of, ‘deglamorize Jennifer Lopez.’”

In related “Glee” news, the show returns after the Super Bowl on FOX on February 6 and the episode is going to be a “Thriller” – quite literally. While many fans know that the cast shot a song and dance number on the football field to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Entertainment Weekly revealed this week that the number they groove to is actually a mash-up of the King of Pop’s classic and “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“This is up there with the ‘Rocky Horror,’ Madonna and Britney episodes because there’s so much production going into it,” Corey Monteith told the mag of the big production.

According to EW, the episode opens with a big dance number featuring The Cheerios, shaking their bits to Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.”

“It’s BMXers and girls, and not only are they shooting fire out of their boobs, but there’s a fire whip,” Heather Morris, who plays Cheerio Brittany, told the mag.

As for the storyline, the episode is reportedly set to hinge around the troubles caused by Max Adler’s closeted football player character Dave Karofsky and Chris Colfer’s Kurt Hummel, prompting Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) and Matthew’s Mr. Schuester, to take action.

The Cheerios too will spend more time in the fray, when Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) ramps up their routines and brings in a cannon, into which she encourages Brittany to climb.

“I put her in a human cannon,” Jane told EW of Sue’s diabolical moves. “I’m told by the principal I can’t because of insurance considerations and liability, and I destroy his office in a rage.”

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