Meet Jennie Finch: America’s Golden Goddess Of Softball

Another one bit the dust Tuesday as Jennie Finch, America’s golden goddess of softball, was spectacular as the U.S.A. dominated Venezuela 11-0. These are a bittersweet Olympics for the defending gold medal softball team; following the games, softball will no longer be an Olympic sport.

A large part of the reason for the U.S. dominance over Venezuela? — Jennie pitched 5 no hit innings! Not surprising, given that she pitches 70 mph.

But back to the issue of softball’s swan song —

“At first, you’re just devastated, you know,” she told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “Softball players are doing something they’ve never done before — interviewing with Billy Bush, you know?! — And then — ‘Boom’, we’re gone.”

And the plan for the U.S. women’s softball team is indeed to go out with a bang! – By taking home America’s 4th straight softball gold --- and then on to fight for the right to bring the sport back for the 2016 games!

“As a softball player and Olympian, altogether, you stand out in two ways,” Billy shared with Jennie.

“One — you have incredible heat on your pitch — it moves, you can throw curves, put movement in your pitch, that’s pretty incredible. The other is that you’re statuesque, and you’re gorgeous. You look like a supermodel walking around.”

Those supermodel looks are one reason why Jennie landed her a role on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” last winter.

Billy decided to take Jennie on a trip down memory lane.

“First of all, has the Donald reached out to you, he fired you,” Billy began.

“He hasn’t,” Jennie replied.

”I haven’t heard from him since the firing.”

“Now had you won the ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ you might not be here,” Billy pointed out. “‘Cause you’d be working for the Donald — in the Trump Tower somewhere, overlooking an incredible view — he might have given you some leave, probably, to come over here.”

“I think he would have, yeah,” Jennie conceded.

So what does Jennie miss most about being away from home?

That’s easy – her two-year-old son, Ace Shane, with husband (Minnesota Twins AAA league pitcher) Casey Daigle.

“Do you try and talk to him on the phone,” Billy asked. “’Cause I imagine he doesn’t say much.”

He does, he does,” Jennie assured Billy.

“The other day we counted to 11 on the phone. You just have to kind of trick him, you know, to talk about giraffes or elephants or something like that. He told me he loves me to the moon and back the other night. They did say though that he saw me on TV the other night at Opening Ceremonies and he shouted, ‘Momma’ and was jumping off the couches, so, that kind of made it all better, knowing that he’s hopefully a proud two-year-old back home.”

For a final hurrah, Billy decided to have Jennie pitch to him in the hallways of the Olympics’ International Broadcasting Center.

To watch the hilarity which ensued, tune into Access Hollywood Tuesday night!

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