Michelle Obama: Our 20th Wedding Anniversary Is Same Night As First Presidential Debate

Michelle Obama will be sharing her husband with the nation on her and Barack’s twentieth wedding anniversary as the happy day happens to coincide with the first 2012 Presidential debate.

“I learned yesterday — just yesterday [of the date]. I was like really, really? The first presidential debate is on my 20th anniversary?” the First Lady told Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle in a new exclusive interview. “All I said was, ‘At least we’ll be together.’”

The first debate will be held in Denver, but Mrs. Obama said she doubts she and her husband will even get to fly to the venue together.

“We don’t campaign together because it’s just more efficient to be in other locations, so I’m sure I’ll be flying in from somewhere and he’s flying in from somewhere else, so I’ll see him right before and I’ll watch him on stage,” she said. “I’ll give him a kiss after the debates and [say], ‘Happy Anniversary.’

“I’m going to make him write it on his hand. ‘Love you, honey’ so that when he waves, it makes ‘I love you honey,’” she added.

As for the First Lady’s duties as the election draws near, she is working hard to keep the younger generations engaged in the political discussion.

“Young people are always the key to many elections and I try to tell them it’s not just about this election, but it’s making young people – putting them in the habit of engaging in the political process because this is really their future,” she said. “So we’re always pushing GottaVote.com, making sure they go there, they’re registered and getting involved.”

Two young people Mrs. Obama does not want to be too involved in election coverage are her and the President’s two daughters, Sasha and Malia, as she hopes to shield them from negative ads on TV.

“They DVR the shows that they watch so they skip through every commercial anyway and they can’t watch that much TV during the school year,” she said, when asked if she worries about her girls being affected by campaign programming. “They don’t watch TV at all during the week and they get just a couple of hours during the weekend.”

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