Nick Gordon's 'Stepdad' Reacts To Gordon's Emotional Dr. Phil Interview (Exclusive)

Nick Gordon's emotional interview with Dr. Phil quickly turned into an intervention – and Gordon's "stepfather" watched the whole thing unfold.

Sitting down exclusively with Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson, Jack Walker Jr. – who never wed Gordon's mother and told Shaun he is the only father figure Gordon has ever had – watched the dramatic episode on Wednesday and was understandably bothered by what he saw.

"It's quite emotional to watch isn't it?" Shaun asked an emotionally shaken Walker, as Gordon's mother Michelle sat alongside her son and revealed to Dr. Phil that Gordon had tried to take his own life. "What makes you most upset?"

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina

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"How much pain he's in. Every day. It hurts a lot, seeing him in pain," Walker told Shaun. "[Him] not wanting to go forward because he's hurt so bad… It's hard for him each day. He doesn't know if he can make it another day. It's getting harder and harder."

Walker spoke candidly about watching Gordon – who admitted he had been drinking before the "Dr. Phil" interview, but denied being on Xanax. 

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"Describe what you see in your son," Shaun asked him.

"He's out of control right now. He's hurt," Walker stated. "He's hitting rock bottom with this."

But does Walker fear for Gordon's life?

"If something happens to Bobbi Kristina… if she doesn't pull through then I will fear for my son's life," Walker admitted.

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At the conclusion of his interview with Dr. Phil, Gordon entered a rehab facility. So does Walker think it's helping?

"Time will tell," Walker noted, confirming Gordon was still in rehab.

Walker also addressed the rumors that Gordon and Bobbi Kristina – who has been in a medically induced coma for 41 days -- had gotten married at one point in their relationship.

"Did you believe they had gotten legally married?" Shaun asked.

"I couldn't say 100 percent sure yes or no. I wasn't there," Walker said. "If you say, 'I eloped,' you know, you've got to take someone's word for it."

And what did Gordon and Bobbi Kristina tell their family, exactly?

"Everyone was told what the media was told," Walker added. "That they were married."

(Access Hollywood has reached out to Gordon's representatives repeatedly, but they have yet to respond to our requests for comment.)

-- Eric Anderson

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