Nicole Kidman Explains Jimmy Fallon Date Fail

Nicole Kidman was initially reluctant to discuss her recent headline-making appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

"This is like, we're done, no more, please. I need to shut up. Nicole needs to shut up. Please do not lure me back into the Fallon trap," she told Access Hollywood while flailing her arms.

On Tuesday night, Nicole appeared on the late night talk show to promote her new film "Paddington," but the conversation unexpectedly strayed in a completely different direction.

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"I kinda just went in there going, 'Oh, I don't know they were like asking me about 'Paddington' and Nashville and stuff like that in the pre-interview and I didn't mention this for anything. I was just like I think I'll just bring this up because there we go," she told Access at the film's press junket on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Jimmy blindsided her with a story of his friend bringing Nicole over to his apartment unexpectedly many years ago when both stars were single. He thought it was to perhaps discuss a role in "Bewitched."

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Nicole, however, revealed an even bigger bombshell to the comedian. She had a very different intent. Much to Jimmy's astonishment, Nicole said she was interested in him romantically, but was disappointed to feel zero chemistry between them. She even considered the possibility of him being gay.

"I can't believe that it's two people that so mis-read the same situation," she said.

Jimmy was genuinely surprised by this revelation.

"His face was hilarious. I was there. I watched him. He didn't edit anything out," she continued.

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Both Nicole and Jimmy have their own happy endings. Nicole is now married to Keith Urban and Jimmy to wife Nancy Juvonen.

Nicole and Keith's two young girls, Sunday and Faith, have given their stamp of approval on their mom's latest movie – in which she plays an evil taxidermist trying to get her grubby paws on the bear.

"They've now dissected it," she said of her daughters watching "Paddington." "They know all the lines. To them it's just like hilarious."

Her character Millicent's platinum hair was a big hit in her household.

"My daughter wants the blonde hair that I wore in the movie," the red-headed Nicole revealed.

Nicole may not have been as big a fan of the hairdo.

"Would I ever do my hair in a bob? It's maybe a little harsh for me except I also don't have really straight hair," she quipped.

Despite playing the villain, Nicole thinks the film is all warm and fuzzy.

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"This is a movie you come out and you're kind of walking on air after it and that's a good feeling," she endorsed. "I just loved the idea of a little bear that talks that everybody wants to take care of and I just thought it was hilarious. The script was hilarious, but the movie is better than the script and that, I never say that."

Nicole got a charge out of seeing a side-by-side comparison of Taylor Swift wearing an outfit that channeled Paddington, that the singer recently shared on social media.
"That's adorable," she reacted. "Go Taylor!"

Taylor Swift posted the side-by-side comparison on Instagram on December 9, 2014 with the caption, ‘Who wore it better? (Paddington obvs)’ (Instagram)
Taylor Swift posted the side-by-side comparison on Instagram on December 9, 2014 with the caption, ‘Who wore it better? (Paddington obvs)’ (Instagram)

"Paddington" opens in theaters on January 16.

-- Paige Feigenbaum

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