Nina Parker On That Oscar Moment: 'Stacey Dash Would Do Anything For A Check’

On Monday’s Access Hollywood Live, commentator Nina Parker discussed the memorable moment when Oscars host Chris Rock brought Stacey Dash onto the stage for a cameo.

According to Parker, the lackluster response that followed was because many simply didn’t get the joke.

"It was a little too insider, because it was very much a Twitter thing," she told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. 

"Stacey Dash went [on Fox News and said] that she felt there should be no Black History Month," she explained, referencing the "Clueless" actress and Fox News contributor’s appearance on "Fox & Friends" in January, during which she called the #OscarsSoWhite controversy "ludicrous" and suggested that Black History Month be eliminated.

 The Access Hollywood Live panel said that Dash's appearance in the Oscars bit may have come across as awkward because many in the audience that night (along with TV viewers) recognized Dash only from "Clueless" and not from Fox News.

 When asked for the personal opinions regarding Dash, Parker didn’t hold back.

 "I do not like her, I don't like her policies. I think she's ridiculous," she said.

 Noting that Morgan Freeman also made references in a past interview to eliminate Black History Month, Parker said the actor was looking to make a point that black history should be considered part of all American history with no distinction between the two.

Dash's agenda, Parker added, is different.

 Parker went on to point out during the discussion that Dash was once paid by BET for projects in the past, which makes her stance on eliminating Black History Month so controversial. Parker also offered her own strong opinion of why Dash may be courting both sides of the diversity issue.

"Stacey Dash will do anything for a check, so she does not have a moral ground for any standing," she said. "If BET gave her enough money, she would leave Fox News and go there [to BET], and be the first one on Black History Month tap dancing from the first to the 28th." 

Plugged In: ‘Stacey Dash Would Do Anything For A Check’

Nina Parker on Access Hollywood Live

Stacy Dash on stage at the 2016 Academy Awards

Stacy Dash on stage at the 2016 Academy Awards

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