'Outlander': Claire Sermonne On Getting Cast As Louise De Rohan

"Outlander" introduced a host of memorable characters in last Saturday night's episode – "Not in Scotland Anymore" – including Claire Sermonne as Madame Louise de Rohan.

The actress, who is playing one of Claire Fraser's (Caitriona Balfe) French friends this season, a woman who helped the Englishwoman make a big splash at the court of King Louis XV in that episode, was a fan of the show when she got the call to audition for the role.

"I loved it and I was talking about the show to everybody in France," the actress told Access Hollywood when we visited the show's set in Scotland during production last year

To prepare for her audition, Sermonne picked up Diana Gabaldon's novels.

"I [went straight] to the books," she said, noting she poured through the first two novels – "Outlander," and "Dragonfly In Amber," the latter of which Season 2 is based on.

Sermonne's character was introduced in the most recent episode, while undergoing an 18th-century leg and bikini wax, which the actress said was her "funniest scene" to film.

There is much more in store for the Louise character, and while Sermonne couldn't hint at some of the upcoming drama, the actress said she loved working with Balfe.

"It was very nice to work with her. She's such a deep person and very, very kind," Sermonne said. 

When Balfe stopped by Access Hollywood with her co-stars, Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan, earlier this month, she praised Sermonne's work as Louise.

"Claire Sermonne is so brilliant," Balfe said, noting that the character is one who is "frivolous and very light," but also one of substance.

"You have to believe that there [are] these hidden depths and she plays both of those things really beautifully and she's funny, so funny. There's that great waxing scene and it's just—" Balfe said.

"That takes some pulling off, no pun intended," Menzies chimed in.

Season 2 of "Outlander" was mostly shot in 2015. Despite Sermonne's love of the show, she initially wasn't confident she'd be able to take on the role due to a busy work schedule.

"I was in rehearsal in the west of France for a festival that I've made with some friends, which is becoming huge, and so I [was] working hard on it, rehearsing a show for them, and… the agent called me and she said,' OK, they want you,' and I was… 'Great! That's amazing, but when [will we] film?'"

Sermonne found out that the "Outlander" shooting schedule seemed to have conflicts with her festival schedule, but luckily, things worked out.

"It was magic because everything went very well because it was on the day of rehearsing, so I could leave my rehearsing and go to Scotland to film and every time it was between two shows, so I could fly back," she said. "Everything went like it [was] to be."

"Outlander" continues Saturdays at 9 PM ET/PT on Starz.

(Production assistance provided by Starz.)

-- Jolie Lash

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