Pink Talks Motherhood, More Kids & Pregnancy ‘Rage’

By far, my favorite interview so far of 2012 has been with Pink. I went in with a preconceived notion of who I thought she was based on her tough-as-nails rock and roll image. I came out feeling like I had just giggled and laughed along with a funky cool best friend or a hip little sister. It helped that we both have babies the same age and we are both Pennsylvania girls.

We were pregnant at the exact same time. Although, while I was miserable and grumpy almost every day, I remember sitting in the Nokia Theater at the American Music Awards in November 2010 watching a four-months pregnant Pink jump and dance around the stage performing her hit song “Raise Your Glass” with ease. How on earth she pulled that off I have no idea!

In fact, that is what we first started talking about when I sat down for our interview at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. She was there to promote her new album, “The Truth About Love” (which hit stores today), but we mostly wound up talking babies.

I did learn that, like me, Pink did not enjoy pregnancy. She jokingly compared it to the zombie flick “28 Days Later.”

“They were infected with the rage virus and that’s what I had,” she laughed. “I didn’t battle morning sickness, I didn’t have uh, what do you call it? Cravings. I had rage!”

I also had a preconceived notion of who I thought Pink was as a mom but I was wrong on that too. I would have expected her to be a non-traditional mom with some rather odd parenting ideas. She was actually the complete opposite and maybe even more conventional of a mom than me. I was, in fact, surprised to learn that she was still breast feeding daughter Willow at 15 months.

“I’m a hippie at heart,” she told me.

When I asked how long she will continue she joked, “Until Prom! I’m going to carry her to prom in a Baby Bjorn. ‘Willow, your feet are dragging,’” she said with a laugh.

Willow also tags along with her everywhere she goes including while on tour.

“She’s a really good traveler,” she revealed. “She loves hotel rooms. She loves people. The louder the diner, the harder she sleeps.”

And don’t let all those tattoos fool you on her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart. He’s a very hands-on daddy.

“He’s amazing,” she said with pride. “He’s exactly the dad I thought he’d be. He was raised by a single dad so he’s completely capable. Sometimes I feel like if I didn’t have the boob, I wouldn’t be necessary!”

Like me, Pink says she is ready for baby number two but with a grueling tour schedule coming up, she will have to wait. “I mean if I weren’t going, getting ready to go on tour, I’d be pregnant. I’m barefoot and pregnant in my garden with an attitude,” she told me.

How many babies does she want? Five. (I’ll be happy with just one more, thank you!)

Watch my interview with Pink HERE and HERE

-- Laura Saltman

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