President Barack Obama Reports For Jury Duty In Chicago

No one is exempt from jury duty, not even former President Barack Obama!

Obama made a trip back to Chicago where he was summoned for jury duty in Cook County's Daley Center, and he walked into the courthouse with a squad of Secret Service surrounding him. Casual, right? 

Even though he used to be POTUS, if he is chosen for a trial he will be paid the same amount as anyone else, $17.20 per day.

Other Chicago area citizens who were in the courthouse waiting to see if they were going to be jurors were shocked to see Mr. Obama stroll through. Naturally, he made sure to shake everyone's hand and thank them for doing their civil duty. 

One Twitter user posted their video saying, "OBAMA! Jury duty & I just shook hands with the best president ever!! #obama #Chicago @juryduty @BarackObama @POTUS44 @MicheleObama"

Another posted a photo saying, "Guess who I ran into at jury duty?!? Unbelievable!"

One juror who seemed to have a heads up that Obama would be heading to court for his civil duty came prepared with a copy of his book — and Mr. O signed it with enthusiasm! 

See, even former Presidents are just like us! They have to report for jury duty too.

-- Kevin Zelman

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