PREVIEW: Access Exclusive - Barack Obama & Family Chat With Maria Menounos

In an Access Hollywood exclusive interview, Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, along with daughters Malia, 10 and Sasha, 7 open up about rules, what it is like for friends to meet dad, communicating on the trail, potential plans for moving into the White House and more.

The four-part interview will air on Access Hollywood, Tuesday, July 8th,Wednesday, July 9th and Thursday, July 10th.

Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos caught up with the Obama family on the campaign trail in Butte, Montana to celebrate Malia’s 10th birthday and Independence Day.

Now that the Primary is over, the Obamas manage to get more family time together explains Michelle. “Barack is home at least once a week. We’re really doing family stuff. We are going on bike rides, going swimming and playing tennis.”

The girls also give advice to their dad about everything from etiquette to fashion. One time when a friend of Malia’s came over, he shook her hand to say hello. Malia recalls telling her dad, “You really don’t shake kids’ hands that much…You just wave or say hi.”

While Sen. Obama knows the girls are trying to keep their dad young and hip, he says, “She (Malia) basically avoids me embarrassing her by giving me these tips. Especially when I am around her friends.”

When it comes to their new fashion status, the Obamas take it in stride. While Michelle has always loved clothes, she thinks it is funny that Sen. Obama is involved in all of this fashion icon stuff because he wears the same clothing he has had for years. Malia remembers a time they went shopping together and dad “bought three pairs of black pants and the same jacket in green, brown and black.”

Family also influences Sen. Obama on the campaign trail. “You talk to a mom who’s trying to get health care for her kids and you look at her daughter standing next to her. She reminds you of Malia or Sasha and you try to imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t make sure they had health insurance.”

Communicating while Sen. Obama is on the campaign trail can be tough, but the family has learned to adjust. Michelle tells Menounos, “We have gotten used to be being able to communicate pretty well over the phone.”

Michelle adds that she keeps the romance alive by telling her husband that she is proud of him and that the girls like it when “mommy and daddy hold hands.” “Sometimes people think it is embarrassing,” says Malia. “I like it.”

When asked what they do that makes mommy and daddy mad, both girls were quick to comment. Sasha says whining while Malia explains, “Arguing is the worst thing because then they sit us down and say, ‘You know you guys are the best thing that you have in your life.’ We’re never going to get something as good as each other.’”

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