Prince Harry’s Nude Photo Leak: Was His Security To Blame?

After turning Sin City into “skin city,” Prince Harry is back in London under the watchful eye of the royals.

The big issue with the nude photo leak of the royal, who turns 28 next month, has been the Prince’s security. Many today are questioning why they didn’t prevent the naked photos from being taken.

According to one former royal bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, the Prince’s security detail was not responsible for the photo flap.

“It’s not up to the bodyguard to worry or be concerned about the private antics of their charge, but you are responsible for the security,” Wharfe said on Thursday’s “Today” show. “In this case, nothing happened to him, he survived.”

Harry’s wingmen on party night were reportedly two of his closest friends – Arthur Landon and Tom “Skippy” Inskip, who, according to the Daily Mail, “egg each other on shamelessly.”

The group was put up in the 5-star Wynn Casino Suite. The nearly 6,000 square-foot suite comes with a price tag of almost $10,000 a night and its own pool table.

In just 24 hours, Harry’s party antics have single-handedly caused a massive spike in people interested in planning a Las Vegas vacation. reported a 123 percent increase in hits.

The UK media, with one exception – the Guido Fawkes website, refrained from running the photos.

But, the tabloid The Sun found a loophole on Thursday by having one of their own reporters – whose name happens to be Harry, pose in a copy-cat photo, with the headline, “Harry Grabs The Crown Jewels.”

As for Prince Harry, he will reportedly sit down for what’s known in the UK as an “interview with coffee” with his military superiors when he returns to duty later this year.

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