Prince William Only Slept 30 Minutes The Night Before Royal Wedding

Prince William had a case of royal pre-wedding jitters the night before the Royal Wedding.

In an upcoming interview with Alan Titchmarsh in the documentary, “Elizabeth: Queen, Wife, Mother,” for Britain’s ITV1, William opens up about the wedding that had the world watching.

“I hadn’t slept at all that night because obviously all the crowds were on The Mall,” he said in the documentary, which airs in the U.K. on June 1. “They were singing and cheering all night long. So, the excitement of that, the nervousness of me, and everyone singing meant I slept for about half an hour, I think.”

The Prince admitted that his traditional wedding garb also made him nervous.

“The hardest thing was trying to walk down the stairs with my spurs on, sideways. I had visions of myself and my brother colliding and crashing down the stairs,” he explained. “It was good fun, it was really good fun.”

And when it came time to figuring out who to invite to such a massive event, Prince William said that the Queen was very helpful when it came to making the tough guest list decisions.

“There was very much a subdued moment when I was handed a list with 777 names on it – not one person I knew or Catherine knew,” he recalled. “I went to [Queen Elizabeth] and said, ‘Listen, I’ve got this list, not one person I know – what do I do?’ And she went, ‘Get rid of it. Start from your friends and then we’ll add those we need to in due course. It’s your day.’”

The 29-year-old future King says he’s grown very close to his grandmother.

“We’re definitely a lot closer than we used to be. I think being a small boy it’s very daunting seeing the Queen around and not really quite knowing what to talk about or what to ask her,” he explained. “I think over the years, that’s got a lot better. I’ve grown up – hopefully – a little bit and tried to understand a bit more about her role and my own role.”

As for the day when he’ll take the throne, Prince William said he looks to those who’ve done it before him.

“There’s not much wiggle room left for me to try and find my own path,” he said. “It’s just a matter of learning what’s gone before me.”

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