Ralph Macchio Admits Why He Bared His Bottom On ‘Dancing’, But Did His Wife Approve?

Ralph Macchio shared a lot on “Dancing with the Stars” this week, performing an emotional rumba in honor of his 24th wedding anniversary to wife Phyllis, but he was most revealing in a behind-the-scenes segment where viewers got a peek at his backside.

“We saw a lot of you tonight,” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson pointed out to the former “Karate Kid” star after fans saw the footage of Ralph’s behind in the bathroom – an image that had to be blurred for the ABC censors.

“Oh yes, a different side to me,” Ralph laughed of the footage he shot himself.

“We’ve never seen that side,” Shaun replied.

“I know, I’ve never shown that side,” Ralph smiled. “I always was told if you do this show, you have to show, you know, a different side to yourself. So I figured I’d show not necessarily my best side but a side that no one has seen before. It was just fun and loose and so un-me to do. [That] is why I did it.”

Ralph revealed that his wife of 24 years – Phyllis, his teenage sweetheart – was supportive of her actor husband’s decision to bare his bottom on screen.

“I told her I did it after I shot it and I was watching it back on the Flip video saying, ‘Should I submit this?’ And she goes, ‘I love that,’” Ralph added.

Next week, Ralph will be dancing a slow waltz with his professional partner, Karina Smirnoff, and he said it’d be a moving number.

“It’s a beautiful piece of music, it builds and builds,” he said. “We’re excited.”

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