Report: Tiger Woods’ Mistress Gifts: Subway, Southwest & Louis Vuitton

A number of women allegedly part of Tiger Woods’ circle of infidelity have spoken out in the new issue of Vanity Fair.

The mag interviewed Mindy Lawton, Jamie Jungers and Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, all of whom claim to have slept with the golfer – but each with a different story to tell.

Mindy told the mag she’d been a waitress at the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, a local eatery in Tiger’s home of Windemere, Fla. that the golfer and his wife, Elin, would often frequent.

“One of them would read the paper, just very cold,” Mindy said of Elin. “I didn’t see any signs of affection… I figured he was in a loveless relationship with his wife.”

Eventually, she said, she got a call at the restaurant from Tiger and joined him at Orlando bar The Blue Martini. Later that night, she met him outside a CVS Pharmacy and followed him home.

“We ended up doing it right there” on his couch, she told Vanity Fair. “He was very passionate and very rough.”

She told the mag that he did not use a condom, adding that he was quite well endowed.

“It was the biggest I’ve ever seen,” she said.

Mindy said that their sexual relationship became regular, though that was about all she got from him – once, she claims he bought her a sandwich from Subway, but nothing more.

“No, just the sub,” she explained.

The pair allegedly ate the sandwiches together before having sex. Tiger allegedly ate his food along with Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur which Mindy said he drank, “straight out of the bottle.”

Mindy claimed reporters from The National Enquirer followed her and Tiger for a year, a claim the tabloid denied to Vanity Fair, leading to a situation reported in The Wall Street Journal involving an exchange – Tiger Woods would sit down with Men’s Fitness, owned by the same parent company, American Media, if The Enquirer would squelch their story and accompanying photographs. The company denied the reports to The Journal in December 2009.

While Mindy was a local, other women allegedly in Tiger’s life were found elsewhere.

Jamie Jungers told Vanity Fair that she and Tiger “started hooking up” after meeting in Las Vegas. He reportedly invited her back to his suite, and she said their encounter “turned very wild. Different positions. It almost seemed like he had known me for a while, like he was comfortable with me already.”

Like Mindy, she said she didn’t use a condom with Tiger.

“No, and that was another stupid thing I did,” she said. “But when you’re that age, and you come from a small place like Kansas and move out to Las Vegas, and somebody that high up approaches you… I can’t think there’s very many people that would’ve turned all that s*** down.”

She said they continued to meet, taking Southwest Airlines flights to see him.

“My mom would always say, ‘You tell them to fly you first-class! It’s Tiger Woods! He can afford to do that!’” she said.

Nevertheless, it was Jamie who was with Tiger the day his father, Earl, died.

“We hung out… then ended up going to bed,” she said. “But that was before he knew his dad died… He really didn’t say anything. He was real quiet. All I said was, ‘I’m sorry.’”

At this point, she said, she’d been seeing Tiger for 18 months and wanted more out of the relationship.

“I just said, ‘Can you please help me?’” she said, explaining that she needed money but didn’t ask for a set amount. “And he said, ‘I can’t.’ That was the last time I ever talked to him.”

One woman Tiger did allegedly spend money on was Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, who told the mag she met the golfer through a “match making agency” and met a total of five times.

The agency was that of Michelle Braun, a former Hollywood madam who told the mag that Loredana worked for her as an escort – and claimed the same of Jamie Jungers, who denied the claim to the mag. Michelle previously claimed to Access Hollywood that Jamie, as well as another alleged mistress, Holly Sampson, had worked for her.

Unlike some of Tiger’s other alleged mistresses, time with Loredana didn’t come cheap – she told Vanity Fair their first date cost him $15,000. She claimed she went on “shopping sprees that added up to $15,000” while she waited for him.

“It was my choice, but it was his money,” she said, added that she grew to have feelings for the athlete. “I would charge everything to his room… He was very passionate. He made me fall in love. I couldn’t believe that he would turn out to be such a playboy.”

Michelle added to the mag that Tiger’s spending was rare.

“He didn’t really do that with most of the girls,” she said. “He got her earrings, a Louis Vuitton bag, some YSL shoes.”

Loredana said that she didn’t come forward voluntarily, but was eventually outed by her former employer – leading to a “nervous breakdown, like Britney Spears.”

Now, she said, she’s penning a book about her exploits with Tiger and others.

“They have been talking to my attorneys,” she said. “They want to keep me quiet and pay me off.”

As for Tiger himself, he has begun the return to public life, planning to compete at the Masters and hold a press conference on April 5. He apologized for his actions in a more intimate press meeting earlier this year.

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