Rising Star: Alexander Skarsgard

“Twilight” might rule the big screen when it comes to the vampire world, but every week this summer HBO’s “True Blood” has been delivering gripping edge-of-your seat drama, action – and not to mention, a nice dose of dark comedy – on the small screen. At the center of all the bloody fun is Swedish import, Alexander Skarsgard, as vampire Eric Northman, the undead hunk who might save your life – or suck it right out of you!

AccessHollywood.com caught up with the 32-year-old actor – the son of actor Stellan Skarsgard – who said his role on “True Blood” is unlike anything he ever imagined playing.

“A 1,000-year-old flying Viking vampire is quite different from most of my previous roles,” he told Access.

After working for years in his native Sweden, Alexander garnered Hollywood’s attention after appearing in the 2008 HBO miniseries, “Generation Kill,” a project that is still helping the actor now.

“I just tweaked my accent from ‘Generation Kill’ a little and threw in a few Swedish words,” he said of his accent he uses on “True Blood,” which is set in the fictional city of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Alexander said he was drawn to the role because he gets to walk the line between good and evil – sometimes in the same breath.

”[I love] that he drains people with an innocent smile on his face,” he said.

And when it comes to the future victims that he’ll possibly get to sink his teeth into – even Alexander doesn’t know what’s in store. But he’s hoping that Eric continues to reign supreme.

“The writers haven’t started working on season 3 yet, so I’m not sure,” he explained. “But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for world domination.”

And will fans see Eric and Sookie (Anna Paquin) get more intimate in the coming episodes?

“Maybe,” he said with a hint of excitement.

The actor said his newfound Hollywood heartthrob status is amazing – and something he’s more than willing to share with co-star Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton.

“The attention is very flattering,” he told Access. “I heard that fans are divided between Eric and Bill. To be honest, I’m Stephen’s biggest fan.”

“I actually founded the fan club ‘Bill’s Babes,’” he joked.

In addition to remaining episodes of Season 2 of “True Blood,” Alexander will be seen in the upcoming movies “Straw Dogs,” “13” and “Metropia.”

All of which the actor said, “are all pretty dark films. Would be fun to do something with a little less blood and death before we start season 3 of ‘True Blood.’”

Lady Gaga fans will also recognize Alexander from the singer’s 9-minute mini-movie video for “Paparazzi,” which debuted earlier this summer.

With a stellar season of the HBO vampire series coming to a close, Alexander is sure to continue producing great work and creating complex and rich characters on the big and small screen. He said he hopes to work with, “Guillermo del Toro because he never lets fear get in the way of his curiosity” and “Woody Allen because he’s a legend.”

“Thanks Access Hollywood!” Alex said. “Glad you like the show and I’m extremely honored you picked me as the ‘new Rising Star.’”

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