Rising Star: Charlotte Sometimes

It’s mid-day and Charlotte Sometimes is taking AccessHollywood.com’s phone call from the back of a moving vehicle.

“I’m sorry, we’re in a cab and people keep talking,” she sighs. “I keep trying to concentrate on my thoughts and I keep hearing like, ‘Where are we supposed to be going?’”

With a slot on the summer’s Warped Tour and her debut album, “Waves and the Both of Us,” being touted by everyone from VH1 to the New York Times, life is pretty busy for AccessHollywood.com’s newest Rising Star.

Charlotte, who took her artist moniker – Charlotte Sometimes — from a late 1960s children’s book, is gaining national attention thanks to songs like “How I Could Just Kill A Man.” Though the title may be ferocious, sonically, the break up song is filled with Charlotte’s soaring choruses and tip-toed verses, all flushed with twinkling production.

The single is just one of around 100 songs Charlotte wrote since she picked up a guitar in her more tender years (though she’s only 20 now).

“I’m kind of like a writing addict,” the Wall, New Jersey-bred singer told Access. “I have a lot of feelings … I’ve been writing from an early age and I didn’t make the record until after I graduated high school, so I had all these songs kind of built up.”

Charlotte recorded the “Waves…” in winter 2007 in a small studio space in the back of her manager’s office. It was released this past May, the delay simply having to do with finding the right imprint for her blend of quirky girl pop – the kind that comes from a young woman bred on Fiona Apple, the Everly Brothers, Jeff Buckley and Billie Holiday.

Though she laid down the effort awhile ago, playing songs like “Ex Girlfriend Syndrome” – a driving, acoustic guitar led track full of sparkling harmonies, and about getting inside the head of a former flame, is still a thrill.

“No matter how old the songs are, something always makes it fresh because feelings are feelings and emotions tend to recycle themselves,” she said.

And in particular, it’s been fun taking those songs on Warped, which in the past was solely a punk festival, but in recent years has expanded its roster.

“It’s definitely going really well,” Charlotte said of playing to the Warped crowds. “At times, it’s like Katy Perry, me and Shwayze are kind of like the guinea pigs of the tour. It’s like they’re trying to change the tour, so it’s still a process, but it’s definitely going really well. I’m pleasantly surprised because I didn’t know what to expect when I joined the tour.”

Though many of the Warped patrons tend to come out in jeans and T-shirts, Charlotte has managed to hit the stage most nights in her trademark retro-dresses and on occasion — even high heels.

“Yeah! Girl, you gotta suffer for beauty,” she laughs. “Usually I’ll rock like a really cute dress and I’ll wear my converse sneakers because they’re much easier to perform on a truck that wants to be a stage.”

Though she’s been slogging it out on a tour bus with 11 men all summer long, Charlotte too has noticed her rising profile.

“It’s been really overwhelming for sure, but it’s been really exciting,” she said of the attention. “I’ve been having a great time… I’m a little bit star struck sometimes [but] I’m really just happy people are picking the music up and into it.”

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