Robin Lord Taylor On His 'Walking Dead' Cameo, Penguin's Interesting Relationship With His 'Gotham' Mom

"Gotham's" Robin Lord Taylor returned to "The Walking Dead" for a brief cameo in the Season 5 premiere, and considering what happened to his character, Sam, he was pleased to hear about what occured on the AMC drama last Sunday night.

Rick Grimes' gang terminated the Termites (who had previously killed Robin's character, and eaten Bob's leg).

"What goes around, comes around and I'm just glad that Rick… ultimately, he avenged me well," Robin said, when Access Hollywood asked him if the Terminans got their just desserts this past Sunday night.

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A few weeks ago on "The Walking Dead" Season 5 premiere, Robin turned up briefly as Sam, the blond young man trotted out by the Terminans, who locked eyes with Rick before his character had a gruesome exit – a bat to the head and knife to his throat.

Robin explained to Access how the gory scene was put together.

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"Greg Nicotero is a special effects genius and that whole team they have there is just amazing, so yeah, they hooked me up with a tube around my neck and they had a guy like pumping blood up into the tube," Robin explained.

"Once they did the slice it was like, 'Go… with the blood!' and so it like shoots out and then, in post, they just erase the tube so it looks as real as possible and the director was like, 'You have to see what this looks like, even without the CGI, without taking out the tube!'" the actor continued. "I was like, 'This looks amazing.'"

Now busy shooting Fox's "Gotham," where he's become a standout as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin, Robin has another routine involving his newest character's repulsive looking teeth.

"Penguin does not have dental plan, that's for sure," Robin laughed.

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To get his chompers to look so gnarly, Robin said his teeth are painted.

"I have to disclaim to everybody when I'm talking to them on set, I'm like, 'It's paint! It's paint,'" he smiled.

And as for the rest of his trademark Penguin look, the actor gets a fake nose applied, has a "crazy airbrush treatment" of his skin and has his nails painted to look grimy. In "Gotham," it's a look only a mother could love, and as viewers saw in Monday's episode, Gertrude and Oswald are very, very close.

"They have a special relationship," Robin said.

So special, Oswald's mom (played by actress Carol Kane) visited her son as he took a bath.

"Any time I get to work with Carol is a dream and then, it's like, just that we're pushing that creepy, almost Norman Bates-y line, I think, adds so much to their relationship and so much to my character and to her character that it's so fun," he said.

Robin said he enjoys seeing Oswald with his mom as it shows off a different layer to his character.

"Those scenes are so fun for me to play because it's the only time that he really lets down his guard and is really open, and not -- I mean, he's always scheming, but… his defenses are down and he's opening up in a really fascinating way, which is so fun to play vs. how he is the rest of the time," Robin said.

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"Gotham" airs at 8/7c on Fox.

-- Jolie Lash

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