ROLL CALL: Bradley Cooper’s Nude ‘Trek’

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Bradley Cooper Naked – Yet Again!: Last night on “The Late Show” with David Letterman Bradley Cooper stopped by and reminisced about his little known past as the host of Discovery Channel’s “Globe Trekkers.” Our friends at Pop Wrap unearthed a choice Bradley gem, where he visits a nude beach in Croatia – but did Bradley bare all like the locals or keep his pants? CLICK HERE to find out! And in some bonus Bradley (half naked here too!), a trailer for his new action movie, “The A-Team:” remake has been leaked!

Pamela Anderson Has The ‘Rite’ Stuff: Attention Philadelphia Rite-Aid shoppers, Pamela Anderson in aisle three! According to The New York Post’s Page Six, the blonde bombshell will be making an appearance at two Philadelphia Rite-Aid stores on January 23. “I am a drugstore wh***,” Pam recently told People’s Stylewatch. “I worship drugstores. You have to pull me out of them.” Pam will reportedly be signing bottles of her Malibu scent…no word if she’ll be scooping ice cream or stocking shelves too!

Gaga’s New Polaroid Gig Is Legit: You might have thought Lady Gaga’s recent announcement as Polaroid’s new Creative Director was just a mere publicity stunt, but the singer has a business card to back up! Aww snap indeed!

Oh No Rachel Zoe: Dear Rachel Zoe, we’re sending you a dozen bacon-wrapped hot dogs followed by a dozen donuts. Please enjoy and stay off the beach! XOXO- Roll Call!

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