ROLL CALL: Justin’s Ex-plosion And Ryan’s Scarlett Romance

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans by Tommy Vergason

April 10, 2007

A WARNING FROM JUSTIN : Following up on a pledge he made last week to Details magazine about refusing to dish on his exes, Justin Timberlake reportedly still has “love and respect” for Cameron Diaz. According to PEOPLE, Timberlake was asked about his ex in an interview with British GQ magazine, and not only did he refuse to say anything bad about her, he reportedly issued a warning to anyone who intended to do so: “If I hear anyone say anything bad about Cameron then I’ll have something to say to them,” he allegedly tells the magazine in its May issue. When it comes to his other famous ex, Britney Spears, Timberlake was reportedly indifferent, noting that their lives are quite distanced. “Honestly, I am so far removed from that situation,” he allegedly said to GQ.

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Justin & Cameron - The Way They Were

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS…GETS REPORTED ON ALL OVER THE PLACE : While PEOPLE reports that Britney stayed in L.A. this weekend, attending a Lakers game and doing some shopping for her and the kids, her more recent ex, Kevin Federline, partied in Las Vegas with some male buddies. According to US WEEKLY, he was every bit the gentleman while out and about, spending time at The Mirage’s Bare Pool while keeping to himself. ?He was very chill. He didn?t approach any women,” says an onlooker. Later, at the Mirage Jet Nightclub, Federline was said to refuse to riff on how he “made out” with the divorce settlement from Spears, and reportedly didn’t seem too happy about having fake money showered on him by four girls. A witness allegedly tells US, ?He didn?t even acknowledge it was going on. He ignored it and looked upset that they were doing it.?

SCARLETT (SPRING) FEVER? : A new alleged celebrity couple made headlines this weekend, as Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were spotted together in New York City on various occasions. THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS’ BEN WIDDICOMBE reports that the two hit the Azza lounge on E. 55th St. Friday night, where a witness saysthey were reportedly “very lovey-dovey” in a private lounge. They were also rumored to have dined together on Saturday night at The Odeon. Johansson’s rep refused to comment, emailing “I don’t [comment] on my clients’ personal lives.”

SALMA’S STUDIO STAKE : In movie news, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER announced a new partership between MGM and Salma Hayek to bring mainstream films that have Latin themes or involve Latin talent to American theaters. The label, reportedly dubbed “Ventanazul,” will be overseen by Hayek and her partner, Jose Tamez , and will be financed by MGM (with outside structured funds). MGM COO Rick Sands reportedly said that he expects Ventanazul to fill a void in the marketplace by offering Latin fare with crossover potential.

PRIVATE ‘PIRATES’ : Orlando Bloom reportedly speaks to Elle magazine about the “price of fame” that comes with being a movie star, reports MSNBC’s JEANNETTE WALLS. According to the report, Bloom relates a story to Elle about speaking with co-star (and notoriously press-shy) Johnny Depp on the set of the second “Pirates of the Carribbean” film. ?I was talking to Johnny on the set one time,” Bloom recalls. “I said, ?Can you believe they pay you this much money to do a job you love?? And he said, ?Privacy becomes really expensive.? …It?s true.?

HERE COMES PARIS COTTONTAIL : And finally, a small Easter tidbit from THE NY DAILY NEWS’ RUSH & MOLLOY, who report that Paris Hilton bought two bunny rabbits this weekend, allegedly naming one “Marilyn” and the other “Monroe.”

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