ROLL CALL: Lady Gaga & Cher’s Duet Dropping In October

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When Pop Stars Meet Pop Icons: Are you ready for a pop collaboration that is sure to rock the world (or at least your local gay nightclub) to its core!?!? Cher has Tweeted (in typical cryptic Cher speak) details about a duet with Lady Gaga, expected to drop in October. “think ALL SONGS R Great so Far& I’m not Big Fan!GREAT Writers!GAGA IS MAJOR&Her VOCAL IS AMAZING!KUK Heard TGTLast nite 4 1st Time & FREAKED,” she wrote, followed by “Finished Song!I LOVE IT! Cant tell names of songs cause Record CO. gave Strict ORDERS ! THINK 1st Single drops Oct. then cd near Xmas.” We know what Roll Call will be hoping to find in our stocking come Christmas!

Bradley Rocks Old Timey Skivvies: Bradley Cooper in his underwear – well, at least his very retro undies. Check out the actor on stage in “The Elephant Man,” at the Williamstown Theatre in Massachusetts, HERE!

Places You’ll Probably Never Live!: Getting away for the summer? We’re guessing your summer house has nothing on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Hamptons pad (complete with rock-climbing wall, skateboard half-pipe, virtual golf course and a two-lane bowling alley!) which the superstar couple is reportedly paying $400,000 to stay at for a month! Check out where Blue Ivy will spend her first summer, HERE!

Love Not In Love With Lana’s “Heart” Cover: Courtney Love has some thoughts about Lana Del Ray covering Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” The rocker would like to remind the singer that Kurt Cobain penned the song about her… well, we’re going to let Courtney and her always amusing Twitter feed (via NME) break it down. You’ll never listen to “Heart-Shaped Boxed” in the same way again!

The Lochte Style Guide: U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte might be winning gold in the pool, but what when it comes to his fashion choices? Check out Buzzfeed’s take on “Ryan Lochte’s 18 Fashion Rules,” HERE! (Warning: man bracelets, popped collars and monogramed shoes ahead!)

-- Jesse Spero

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