Russell Brand’s Saucy Rant On The Appeal Of Sarah Palin; Wants Her As A Guest On Brand X

Katie Couric isn’t the only talk show host who admitted this week that she wants Sarah Palin as a guest. Russell Brand revealed he’d really, really love to meet the former Vice Presidential candidate and have her on his late night FX program, “Brand X.”

“Sarah Palin would be amazing. Wouldn’t she?” Russell said, after asked at the Television Critics Association summer tour about who he’d like to see on “Brand X.”

Asked what he would probe the former political candidate about, Russell used some saucy language to reveal he has a bit of a crush on the hockey mom.

“Well, I think we all know that I would go straight to the subtext because I think that the reason Sarah Palin has been so long tolerated” is because of her sex appeal he said, the latter part of his sentenced finished more explicitly.

“People want to f*** her, don’t they? That’s why you tolerate the other stuff,” he continued of the politician-turned-reality-star’s appeal.

Recognizing there was a pool of journalists rapidly typing away in front of him, Russell turned to John Solberg, the senior vice president of public relations for FX.

“John! You could have [gotten] me out of here before I said that,” Russell exclaimed.

“I could’ve,” John chimed in.

“What were you thinking? That’s what they’re gonna write about now. [Not that I was] trying to get across delicate changes to the format,” Russell said. “Now I’ve just said I’d f*** Sarah Palin.”

As for those delicate format changes, Russell earlier in the session revealed his show will have a more traditional late night feel going forward (the show was given an additional seven episode order).

“The show will look a little more conventional… We will have guests every week and the other thing… I don’t’ know if you know, but I… am infatuated with spirituality, revolution, anti-establishment thinking. Sometimes I’d get the zeal of the newly-converted, I’d get a little excited about that,” Russell said of the feel of the episodes that have already aired of “Brand X.” “I think probably I’ll like allow that kind of stuff [to] rather more subversively enter into the show rather than be so nuts out, anti-establishment.”

Russell also said he knows fellow FX star Charlie Sheen, and the “Anger Management” actor would likely be a guest as the show continues.

-- Jolie Lash

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