Sandra Bullock’s Sister Slams Reports That She Spent Easter With Actress

Sandra Bullock’s sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, is denying reports that she was with the Oscar-winning actress over the Easter weekend.

Gesine, who runs a bakery in Vermont, took to her blog, Confessions of a (Closet) Master Baker, setting the record straight about Sandra’s whereabouts.

“Apparently I’m able to time travel because according to Star Magazine, and now my local Vermont favorite (and in this I’m being totally honest, it is my favorite) Seven Days, it’s reported that my husband of eleven years and I took my sister to some inn (which shall remain nameless because they’ve gotten enough free publicity from lying up to now) for Easter dinner,” she wrote last week.

“I know this isn’t about pastry and it’s not about running a bakery. But this story is about eating and I’m nothing if not deadly serious about eating. And I’m also deadly serious about my family, their privacy and even the most benign fictions printed about them. Usually I don’t have the patience or the actual physical evidence to refute printed stupidity. But modern air travel is so cluttered with paper trails, I thought I’d share mine,” she continued in the post, which also contained a copy of her flight itinerary.

“So to set the record completely straight, if the post on Easter about gorging my way through Chicago doesn’t convince you to my whereabouts and only my whereabouts, then let my reservations on the lovely United Airlines be a true and honest testament to what I ate for Easter dinner and with whom, and it wasn’t with my lovely family at some nameless Vermont inn I’ve never set eyes upon,” Gesine wrote, referring to Sandra who has largely remained out of the public eye since infidelity allegations against husband Jesse James surfaced last month.

Gesine ended her blog post saying, “That night I ate alone and I ate airline food. And who the hell would lie about that?”

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