Scissor Sisters Rock The Hollywood Palladium

Scissor Sisters command their fans to “Dive, turn, work,” on “Let’s Have a Kiki,” a standout track from their latest album, “Magic Hour,” which brought them to the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday night. During their non-stop a**-shaking show, the band dove into the deep end, turned out a stellar set and worked the crowd into a dancing frenzy — exactly as a Sisters show should be.

The Sisters (Jake Shears, Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis and Randy Real) treated fans to a slew of songs spanning their four major studio albums, and according to Ana, the NYC-based band had a lot to live up to returning to Los Angeles.

“The most perfect show we’ve ever done was here. We set the standard here at The Palladium, and this will be how all of our shows are measured,” she said to the crowd referring their 2010 stop at the landmark Hollywood venue.

“Magic Hour” tracks that shined on Saturday included “Only The Horses,” which Jake said he wrote after a friend of his died, “Inevitable,” a slow disco-infused song that would make all the late Bee Gees proud and “Let’s Have a Kiki” (drag queen slang for gossip or having a good time), a jam that had the entire band in the midst of a synchronized, gyrating dance routine that oozed its magic out into the crowd (which included “Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson.)

The show included plenty of confessions from the Sisters – including stories of Jake’s sexual exploits at LA’s Occidental College – and visuals their fans are obsessed with (Ana looking fierce as always in an electric green dress, Babydaddy continuously catcalled by grown men throughout the night and Jake ripping off his shirt during “Invisible Light.”)

The Sisters tour continues Monday night in Seattle and numerous stops cross the country before culminating with two shows in NYC in July, followed by a tour of the UK in October. For more tour information, CLICK HERE!

-- Jesse Spero

Scissor Sisters 06/16/12: The Hollywood Palladium setlist:

“Any Which Way”

“Keep Your Shoes”

“Baby Come Home”

“The Skins”

“Kiss You Off”


“Take Your Mama”

“Year of Living Dangerously”

“Let’s Have a Kiki”

“Comfortably Numb” (Pink Floyd cover)

“Invisible Light”

“Shady Love”

“Skin This Cat”


“I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’”


“Only the Horses”

“Music Is the Victim”

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