‘Sex And The City’: Guest Stars Of Season 3

Season 3 (2000)

Episode 1: “Where There’s Smoke”

Before he became an ADA in “Traffic,” Roger on “Mad Men” and Eva Longoria Parker’s on screen psycho politico second husband, Victor Lang, on “Desperate Housewives” silver-fox John Slattery helped a broken-hearted Carrie back into the dating world following her split with Mr. Big. Slatterly, who also played a politician on “Sex” – Bill Kelley — was written off the show after just two episodes and out of Carrie’s life after he requested she take bathroom activities into the bedroom.

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Episode 4: “Boy, Girl, Boy Girl…”

After splitting with the politician, Carrie’s next mini-relationship was with the younger, bisexual Sean, played by Eddie Cahill. Sean confused sex columnist Carrie, who began to think of herself as an “old fart,” when she couldn’t wrap her head around his past love life, which included three major relationships – two with women and one with a man.

Cahill, who now stars in “CSI: NY” as Detective Don Flack, introduced her to a host of bisexuals including Don, played by singing star Alanis Morissette. After a quick game of spin the bottle, Carrie had her first lesbian kiss on “SATC” show with the “You Oughta Know” singer, but Alanis wasn’t the only music star in the episode. Charlotte shared a flirtation with Donovan Leitch, who played Baird Johnson a photograph who gave an exhibition of gender-swapping photographs.

Leitch, the son of ‘60s pop star Donovan, has made a host of guest spots since his “Sex” stint, but fans in LA are more familiar with him as he fronts supergroup, Camp Freddy, which includes Dave Navarro and former Guns N Roses drummer, Matt Sorum.

Episode 5: “No Ifs, Ands Or Butts”

Carrie meets her first big love after Mr. Big in the form of hunky furniture maker Aidan Shaw, played by John Corbett. For two seasons, the actor and musician played the part of the devoted boyfriend of Carrie’s, then her ex, then her boyfriend again, before finally leaving the series at the end of Season 4.

These days the West Virginian born actor can be found in various guest spots across TV, touring with his musical group, The John Corbett Band, doing voice overs for Applebee’s commercials and starring opposite Jerry O’Connell and Heather Graham in upcoming film, “Baby On Board.”

Episode 7: “Drama Queens”

Kyle MacLachlan made his first appearance as Dr. Trey MacDougal in Season 3, helping Charlotte up after she fell in front of his cab while fleeing from the advances of a married man. Trey eventually married Charlotte before troubles got in the way and they divorced many episodes later.

As for MacLachlan, he like Slatterly, found a new role as Orson, a husband on “Desperate Housewives,” turning Bree Van De Camp into Bree Hodge. He’ll next be seen in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” this summer.

Episode 9: “Easy Come, Easy Go”

She’s been in “The Closer” and had a recurring role on “ER,” but “Sex and The City” fans will always remember Frances Sternhagen as Bunny MacDougal, Trey’s posh, overbearing, overprotective, “inappropriate” (the mattress buying scene anyone?) mother who makes Charlotte’s life difficult.

Episode 11: “Running With Scissors”

Carrie had her Stanford and during the “Running With Scissors” episode, Charlotte got herself a gay BFF too in the form of wedding stylist Anthony Marantino, played by Mario Cantone. Cantone brought the same wit to “Sex” that he has used during guest hosting spots on “The View.” As for his post-“SATC” career, he played Mikey Abromowitz in the 2007 animated feature “Surf’s Up,” and returned to the big screen reprising the role of Anthony for the “Sex and The City” movie.

Episode 12: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Before joining the cast of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” as Richard Campbell and “Iron Man” as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg was Harris Bragen, a doctor who Miranda picked up when she pretended to be a stewardess during a speed-dating stint. Turns out Bragen wasn’t a doctor at all, as Miranda found out when she cut herself and the shoe-salesman flipped at the sight of a little blood.

Episode 13: “Escape from New York”

After ending her affair with Mr. Big and being dumped by Aiden for her indiscretion, Carrie, Samantha and Miranda head out to Los Angeles after a production company asks to option her column.

During their Hollywood trip, the “Sex” producers rolled out stars in the form of a mid-“Buffy” Sarah Michelle Gellar who played eager junior development executive Debbie. And Sarah’s character even foreshadowed what many think will happen with the “Sex” movie now that it has finally hit the big screen. During a discussion of Carrie’s column, she quipped, “You’ve had your heart broken, I’ve had my heart broken and if I have, that means other girls have and if other girls have, that means big opening weekend. Not ‘X-Men’ big, but chick-flick big.”

And they rolled out A-lister Matthew McConaughey too, who played a rather intense version of himself, one who suggested to Carrie he should play Mr. Big on the big screen.

Episode 14: “Sex and Another City”

During the ladies’ two-episode stint in Los Angeles, Carrie comes across Keith Travers played by another big-screen star, Vince Vaughn, after he helps Carrie and Samantha get into a big party. Though he claims to rep Matt Damon, it turns out he’s simply the assistant to Carrie Fisher, who plays herself.

Jennifer Elise Cox, best known for playing Jan Brady in “the Brady Bunch Movie,” plays the unnamed PR girl who wouldn’t let Carrie in the event in the first place while Hugh Hefner plays himself.

Season 4 (2001)

Episode 2: “The Real Me”

Season 4 kicked off with a bang in its second episode anyway, bringing in guest star after guest star. Comedian Margaret Cho appeared as fabulous fashion show producer Lynne Cameron alongside “boyfriend” Orlando Pita, played by the real-life hairdresser himself. And it wasn’t just Orlando who appeared as himself, Heidi Klum, Ed Koch and the now late, great makeup artist Kevin Aucoin all made cameos as Carrie Bradshaw went from columnist to fashion model, or at least “non-model” fashion model.

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After roles in “Spy Kids” and “Get Carter,” Scotsman Alan Cumming joined the episode too, as Oscar, or rather just “O,” a monkey for Dolce & Gabbana who helped dress Carrie in jeweled underwear. After leaving “Sex,” Cumming turned up in “X2” where he played the creepy-but-good-guy, Nightcrawler.

Before the episode was over though, one more famous face made an appearance. Tony Hale, who later went to star as Buster in “Arrested Development” appeared as Tiger, a photographer’s assistant. His role was brief — “I’ve got some Steely Dan,” he said, suggesting mood-music for Samantha’s nude photo shoot. But the suggestion was in vain. In typical Samantha fashion, she was happy to disrobe for the snaps without any sounds at all.

Episode 3: “Defining Moments”

After deciding she and Mr. Big could remain friends and do friend-like things, the two journeyed to a jazz club where Carrie found herself hit on by one of the club’s performers — jazz man Ray King, played by Craig Bierko. Bierko stuck around for a two-episode arc, playing Carrie like an instrument, before she decided Ray was as freeform a man as the music genre he loved. Bierko moved on to “Boston Legal” as Jeffrey and more recently he played Jack “Gator” Gatley in the ill-fated 2008 Fox comedy, “Unhitched” alongside Rashida Jones.

Episode 7: “Time And Punishment”

When Brad stole Samantha’s cab, he gots more than he bargained for. Samantha took him home and the two not only tumbled between the sheets, but taught each other about personal grooming. Brad was played by Ted King, who prior to “Sex” played Inspector Andy for almost two dozen episodes on “Charmed.” Post-“Sex,” King went on to play hot mobster Lorenzo Alcazar on “General Hospital.”

Episode 10: “Belles of the Balls”

After a slew of one-night stands, Samantha encountered hotel owner Richard Wright, played by James Remar, a man who initially refused to employ her for her PR services due to her one too many indiscretions. Her charm and her sassy lip end up getting her the job and the man, who stays around for longer than a brief liason. Remar, who had the only full-frontal male nudity in the show, found a host of post-“SATC” work, including playing Harry Morgan on “Dexter,” in the 2006-2007 season.

Episode 11: “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”

“Charlie’s Angels” star Lucy Liu played herself for an episode of “Sex” as a client of Samantha Jones PR, until a Birkin bag famously came between the two women. Liu must have enjoyed the “Sex” experience, as she later signed on to star in the “SATC” style “Cashmere Mafia” program on ABC.

Episode 17: “A ‘Vogue’ Idea”

Candice Bergen made her first “SATC” appearance as Carrie’s stern Vogue editor, Enid Mead. Mead was hard on Carrie, so the sex columnist turned to Ron Rifkin’s Julian Fisher for help, until that is, he stripped to his Versace underpants in the sacred Vogue closet. Bergen continued in “Sex” for several episodes and she makes an appearance in the movie version of the series. As for Rifkin, he went on to star as the evil Arvin Sloane in “Alias,” and more recently, Saul Holden in “Brothers and Sisters.”

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