Shaun Robinson: Up & Running With SELF

LOS ANGELES (August 16, 2006) — Access Hollywood?s Shaun Robinson is a woman on the go. And as such, it?s important for Shaun to stay in shape to keep up with the rigors of Hollywood.

Now, Shaun is giving readers an inside peek at her training regime in the September issue of SELF magazine.

And even SELF trainer Steve Zim left impressed with our stunning co-host.

?She?s amazing, ? Zim said. ?I mean, take a look at her body. You look at models that you have seen in all these magazines and it?s the same thing ? no difference!?

But as much as Shaun likes to work out, running was not something in her regular routine ? at least until SELF got a hold of her.

?When SELF?s editors asked if they could turn me into a runner in one month, I thought, No way. I can?t even run up the steps without getting winded!? Shaun says in the article. ?But I was game to try. Sometimes my life feels like a marathon, so why not get in shape for it??

Shaun began SELF?s ?Reach Your Goal? plan and teamed up with trainer Steve Zim and soon, the Access host was off and running.

Shaun?s goal ? to be able to run a 5K (3.1 miles).

?I?d done treadmill walking but didn?t realize I could run for a few minutes if I tried,? Shaun says in the article.

But lo and behold, Shaun not only hit her goal, she hit it ahead of schedule, thanks to her determination ? and her iPod.

?I never expected to hit my goal early. I always draped a towel over the treadmill display so I wouldn?t obsess over how far I would go. As I finished my run at the end of Week 3, I accidentally hit STOP [on the treadmill] and the display went blank before I could read it,? Shaun told SELF. ?Steve helped me figure it out. Each of my songs was about three minutes and I was on the 10th one, so when I hit STOP, I had run 30 minutes ? or three 10-minute miles ? on the nose.?

Shaun continues to stay in great shape and has a new perspective on running.

?I?m no longer out of breath going up the stairs,? she jokes. ?And I don?t see runners as superhuman anymore. It?s more like, Yeah, I can do that.?

Shaun?s article will hit newsstands on September 22.

For more on SELF’s Reach Your Goal plan, click here.

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