Slurring Stamos Sent Home

Actor John Stamos has caused a stir in Australia, following incidents in which he exhibited questionable behavior in two separate interviews.

The “ER” star has flown back to the U.S. after appearing disoriented and bleary-eyed on an Australian press tour for the medical drama.

An unshaven and gum-chewing Stamos appeared slightly disoriented, slurring his speech, during an interview on Monday with Daily Telegraph TV writer Stephen Downie.

The former “Full House” actor had difficulty articulating himself when asked whether he still stays in touch with the Olsen twins, who began their careers with him on the hit late 80’s show.

“It was interesting the time they were going through some of their issues, um, certainly Mary-Kate,” Stamos said slowly. “I was getting divorced, so, um, I think Ashley was kind of alone, and, um… at a beach house, and she came down to stay with me… but, um, I think they’re doing really well now…”

A spokeswoman for Channel 9 (which had set up the interviews for Stamos) had told the Australian media that Stamos’ demeanor had been due to the ill effects of jet lag.

“I came from Greece, Cairo and Japan . . . and, for whatever reason, I am so jet-lagged here,” Stamos himself told Downie.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Stamos behaved strangely again the next day, during an appearance on Kerri-Ann Kennerley’s morning show. He reportedly had an outburst when Kennerley asked about his “tired and emotional condition” during his previous interview with Downie.

After calling on Australia’s Greek community to boycott The Daily Telegraph newspaper over their report of his first appearance (as well as the posting of the Downie interview online), Stamos then reportedly turned on Kennerley herself, insulting her outfit and gyrating around with a studio prop in an inappropriate manner.

Stamos capped off the interview by comparing himself to Elvis Presley and Princess Diana, and is quoted as saying: “Who else has died? My career after coming to Australia.”

“It was a bit like he’d perhaps come from a hotel mini-bar in true Hollywood style,” Kennerley reportedly said after the interview.

Following his appearance on Kennerley’s show, all other interviews were reportedly cancelled and Stamos was put on a plane back to the United States.

A statement to the media from both Warner Bros. (“ER’s” production company and distributor) and Channel 9 was that Stamos “needed to rest.”

A rep for Stamos was unavailable for comment.

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