Susan Miller: What's In The Stars For Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry?

If you follow astrology, chances are you hit up Susan Miller's Astrology Zone for your monthly predictions!

The famed astrologist visited Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday, where she shared her love forecast for some of Hollywood's best and brightest.

So what's in the stars for celebrity romance? Here's what Susan had to say:

Taylor Swift

"She does [find love], but not right away. She's a Sagittarius, actually born December 13, but all the Sagittariuses want roots, they want to stabilize. Meeting all these different guys and telling your life's story is starting to be tiresome. She's getting down to business, but first of all, in case you think she's peaked in terms of popularity, you haven't seen anything yet. My gosh, this girl is like a meteorite going straight up! More money, more fame, more breaking records. I think she's going to start a dress line, and I think it will be somewhat upscale. The paparazzi photographs her all the time -- she looks like a model. Why not? It would be a perfect idea, but [she'll] put her own money in, so for a while her income will go down a bit because she's putting money in the business. But I think she'll have plenty of health and it's a good idea. The good part about love is [around] 27, 28 [years old]."

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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

"They're a heavenly [match]. I know them, too. She's Aquarius, he's Leo. That's six months apart, like two halves of an apple coming together. And he understands her need to work, and he will never take away from that, because his sun falls in her house of fame. He totally gets it. It's just lovely. She needs to travel. She has the moon in Sagittarius. His moon is in Aries – perfect! Two fire moons. They're curious, adventuresome, try new things. Lots of talking in the way Brad and Angelina [relate] -- talking, curiousity, learning. Same kind of thing here with this couple. They're great together. If they want to get married, this is the year, because Aquarius has the best marriage aspects of all the 12 signs. It lasts until August 11."

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Katy Perry & John Mayer

"She is coming off a very difficult period. She's a triple Scorpio. She's Scorpio with Scorpio rising, the moon in Scorpio. She has been under a lot of pressure over the past three years. It may not have been work related – it could have been through Russell [Brand]. I don't remember the exact year she married Russell Brand, but there was a disillusionment there. She came in with starry eyes. I think she's not ready to put down roots yet, so go slow… [John is] an odd choice, but maybe she just wants to have a little fun. She certainly deserves it."

George Clooney & Amal

"I was kind of surprised. You know, George is a Taurus, and their strong point is they stick to the goals. The weak point is they don't bend too easily. Amal is an Aquarius, a fixed sign, too. So they have to have their domains, 'I'm in charge of money, I'm in charge of the house.' … Whatever it is, one person has to have the list in a disagreement."

-- Erin O'Sullivan

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