Taylor Swift Considers Adopting Pet Rat In Behind-The-Scenes Video

Taylor Swift may be the most famous cat mom in the world, but is the "New Taylor" about to adopt a pet rat too?

The pop star shared another behind-the-scenes peek at her record-breaking music video for "Look What You Made Me Do," introducing fans to her special co-star in the birdcage scene… a live rat!

"You’re the best co-star ever," Taylor said while petting the rodent. "I’m going to take you with me."

Only one problem with Tay’s adorable new BFF… her two cats at home!

"Oh God, we have to talk about that," she told the rat. "What are we gonna do about that? They will hate you. They’ll try to really, really murder you hard."

Something tells us Meredith and Olivia aren’t ready to become a real-life "Tom and Jerry"!

Taylor clearly loved playing her jailbird persona in the music video, as she’s also seen swinging from the cage in her sexy orange jumpsuit.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

-- Oscar Gracey

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