Taylor Swift Surprised Fans On Instagram & They Totally Freaked Out

Swiftmas came early for these Taylor Swift fans!

Taylor surprised some of her biggest Swifties by popping up in their Instagram live streams and commenting on their social media posts. Then, total fan freakouts ensued!

Tay even checked up on one Swiftie's cat and asked for an update on her dental work. That is some serious Instagram lurking.

And when she couldn't catch some of her fans' live streams, she slid into their direct messages.


The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer has remained quiet on social media since announcing her highly anticipated new album "Reputation" in August. She has also yet to do an interview or make a public appearance since declaring the "Old Taylor" is dead in her hit single, making this surprise for fans even more epic.

One thing is for sure, Swifties -- Taylor is always watching!

Taylor's forthcoming album "Reputation" drops November 10.

-- Oscar Gracey

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