'The Flash' Digital Character Card: Detective Joe West Exclusive!

"The Flash" is taking even more inspiration from its comic book roots, releasing exclusive digital character cards, crafted by artist Ivan Reis.

AccessHollywood.com can exclusively reveal this card featuring Detective Joe West, the character played by Jesse L. Martin.

The Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) digital character card for ‘The Flash’ (Ivan Reis/Warner Bros.)

"Detective Joe West is a good cop and a good dad, instilling his noble values in headstrong daughter Iris and surrogate son Barry. Joe and Barry often squabble over Barry's fascination with the unexplained, particularly when it comes to the murder of Barry's mother. Everything changes after Joe witnesses Barry's new powers and the rise of the metahuman criminal activities in Central City. Secretly working with the team at S.T.A.R. labs, Joe helps Barry defeat these super-villains when the C.C.P.D. can't. Seeing Barry's abilities also convinces Joe that Barry may have been right about his father's innocence all those years ago. Joe starts believing in the impossible and begins a crusade to find Nora Allen's true killer," reads the text on the Joe card.

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Jesse recently told reporters his character is a bit like "The Lone Ranger" in "The Flash" world.

"I don't fit in. I feel like I'm the Lone Ranger, if you will. I have this secret that I sort of have to hold on to and keep it from everybody, even my own partner," Jesse told reporters after Warner Bros. flew AccessHollywood.com to the show's Vancouver set where they made us their guests last month. "And I don't exactly know what's going on at S.T.A.R. Labs. I'm in there, occasionally. I see things, but I have to trust them. I have to trust them because they seem to know what's going on and they started this thing in the first place, so if anybody knows how to deal with them or handle the metas, it's them. So, I feel sort of like, in the middle."

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There are bio cards for seven members of "The Flash" cast. Be sure to look out for the others across the interwebs.

"The Flash" continues Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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