The Walking Dead: Love Will Continue To Blossom For Maggie & Glenn

“The Walking Dead” survivors may be gearing up for another battle with zombies in Season 3, but it looks like love will continue to blossom for Maggie and Glenn.

“I think where we are going to pick [back up] is two people, living with an entire group, where the key is survival and survival means needing the person next to you,” Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn told at Hyundai Undead: “The Walking Dead” 100th issue release party at Petco Park at Comic-Con 2012. “And, if you have someone you love, needing them even more, and I think the bond only gets stronger.”

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Lauren Cohan, who plays former farm resident Maggie, thinks her character has found “the one” in Glenn.

“I think Maggie and Glenn have definitely been looking for their kindred one and their kindred spirit and I think they both have this kind of pure, optimistic, hopeful thing,” she said of the characters’ love in the show’s crazy world. “And when you find that in someone else, you’re not going to let it go, especially when there’s nine of you and four of them are your relatives.”

But with the coming of one of new villain — The Governor (David Morrissey) – and the world filled with plenty of survivors hoping to do the gang harm, that love could be used as a tool to manipulate the other party.

“Absolutely. There is weakness in that as well, which is exactly — leverage,” Steven told Access. “I’m sure that’ll be tested, but I can’t say [any more].”

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Currently halfway through shooting Season 3, the cast are still amazed at how big their show has grown.

“It was crazy, it was craziness,” Steven said of their Season 2 ratings, which reached 8 million. “To think about what you do in an isolated area of Atlanta, and you just come together and put makeup on and pretend. And to have that many people watch it and enjoy it and continue to watch it and support you? That’s an overwhelming feeling. I can’t even qualify it really. It’s pretty great.”

“The Walking Dead” returns October 14 at 9/8c on AMC.

-- Jolie Lash

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