T.I. Not Worried About Potential 'Blurred Lines' Lawsuit

T.I. said he is not concerned over news that a new motion has been filed against him in the "Blurred Lines" case.

As has been reported, attorneys for Marvin Gaye's children have filed a new motion seeking that T.I. be held liable for copyright infringement alongside Robin Thicke and Pharrell over their song "Blurred Lines."

T.I. is listed as a co-writer of the single and is featured on the song, but was originally cleared of infringement charges when the case first went to trial.

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"I know that I have never taken from anybody's creative," he told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson while promoting his new film "Get Hard" in Los Angeles on Saturday. "I have never walked into the studio and used anybody else's idea to contribute to mine. And I think that the universe and gods who look down on us all and have something to do with an outcome -- that will exonerate me. I ain't trippin'."

On March 10, Pharrell and Robin Thicke were ordered to pay the Gaye estate $7.4 million after it was ruled that "Blurred Lines" too closely copied Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up".

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Earlier this week, Pharrell told Access the verdict was "shocking" -- a sentiment echoed by T.I. on Saturday.

"I found it shocking. I have an immense amount of admiration and respect for Marvin Gaye's legacy. He is to me, I mean, immeasurable in his application of his efforts, energies and talents," T.I. -- whose real name is Clifford Harris -- told Shaun. "I think that even in post-demise, he still translates and is extremely relevant today. I have admiration for his estate, but even the greatest of us get it wrong sometimes. Even the greatest of us.

"And I don't think that it takes away or diminishes any greatness. It nods to the fact that we are all human, no matter how great we are or how great our lineage are or how impeccable a bloodline we may come from, we all get it wrong at some point in time. And you know, I think this is one of those cases. Any kind of art, creative-based business, it draws from inspiration and inspiration is intangible," he continued. "You cannot say what was inspired by something and if it should or should not have been inspired by something."

T.I. has worked with Pharrell for years and told Shaun he is one of the most ethical producers he has ever collaborated with.

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"I know Pharrell. I know how he works. I have seen him a thousand times go into his studio and never have I ever seen him sample anything ever. Never have I ever seen him do something where he intentionally maliciously said, 'I'm going to take that and flip it.' I've never seen him do it," T.I. said. "Now I have seen other producers do it, I have. They ain't in court though. I've never seen him do it."

But perhaps most concerning for T.I., he said, is the impact this ruling will have on the music business, saying it could create an "ambulance chasing mindset" for those who rule over estates.

"I think this is a case that if Marvin were alive, it would have been a simple 'great minds think alike' kind of thing," he added. "But I think that they got it wrong."

-- Cara Petry

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