Tim Gunn Takes Aim At Michaele & Tareq Salahi!

Tim Gunn has some choice words for alleged White House party crashers-turned-“The Real Housewives of D.C.” stars Michaele and Tareq Salahi – and he doesn’t care if they can hear him.

During an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday morning in Los Angeles, the style guru – who was promoting his new book, “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work” — blasted the Salahis, as the reality couple listened in via satellite in New York.

“I don’t mind if the Salahis hear this – I believe that they are sociopaths,” Tim told hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “They believe their own lies. When you’re dealing with a sociopath, you can’t reason. You can’t deal with logic… They do believe their own lies in my view.”

So what did Michaele and Tareq have to say about Tim’s assessment?

“It makes me sad,” Michaele told Billy and Kit. “I’ve met Tim and we actually worked with him at a youth AIDS fundraiser – he probably doesn’t remember that, but we had a great time.”

Tim took exception to the couple allegedly crashing the White House State Dinner, a claim which they have repeatedly refuted, although having been to a White House event himself, Tim admitted it wouldn’t be easy to just walk right in.

“If they weren’t on the guest list, I don’t know how they got in. But of course, Desiree Rogers, the former Social Secretary for the White House, is no longer there so something big happened,” Tim said. “If they didn’t stay for the dinner, I would think it means that there wasn’t a seat for them at a table.”

However, Michaele – who recently revealed she is battling multiple sclerosis – said the couple’s quick exit after being announced was due to her illness.

“When you have multiple sclerosis or any chronic illness, you have symptoms. I had had a big day. We had been at the White House and had a great time for three hours but I was having symptoms of fatigue and I had another hour-and-a-half to drive home,” the Bravo star explained. “We had such a spectacular night. When we left, we were invited back by a White House official.”

While Tim was sympathetic to Michaele’s illness, he wasn’t necessarily buying the story.

“I would never wish MS upon anyone. And if in fact Michaele has MS, I feel very bad for her. I have a very dear friend who has MS,” he explained. “I find it curious that the story is coming out now though. I would want a doctor’s note.”

Although Tim’s interview was over, he was still on the Access Hollywood Live set to hear what the couple’s claim of a previous meeting with the “Project Runway” star – a claim which Tim had a very different take on.

“Tim is in the control room and telling us he’s never met you,” Billy told the Salahis.

“We have incredible pictures and memories from that night. I think he’s forgotten because there are so many people in his life,” Michaele contended.

“Next time, we’ll bring a nice picture,” Tareq added.

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