Tori & Shannen: A ‘NoTORIous’ Feud?

For years, Tori Spelling was the only person from ?Beverly Hills 90210? with whom Shannen Doherty got along.

But now that they?ve each got new shows on the air, things are apparently changing.

Shannen will soon be breaking hears when her new reality show ?Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty? debuts on the Oxygen channel.

On the show, Shannen joins forces with people in relationship peril who want to get out but just can?t seem to do it on their own. She will listen to the plight of her new ?client? and put their mates to the test by creating a fictitious situation — caught by a hidden camera — to determine the true character of the relationship.

If the test is failed, Shannen then helps put the relationship out of its misery. In each episode, she will then help mastermind the break-up, and be on the scene to deliver the news and resolve the break-up.

The goal at the end is for both parties to agree that it?s all for the best and it?s time to move on.

?Whether it’s breaking up with a boyfriend, breaking up with a girlfriend, quitting your job or changing hairdressers — whatever it is you have a problem with, you come to us and then I go in there and do it for you,? Shannen explained.

The actress recently posed for Entertainment Weekly?s summer TV preview issue, which also celebrates the return of cable hits ?Entourage,? ?Weeds? and ?Project Runway.?

But it?s another cable show ? Tori Spelling?s semi-autobiographical sitcom ?So NoTORIous? ? that has these two former ?90210? grads at odds.

?Who would put a curse on her? Oh my God! It?s Shannen. She knows all the witchcraft from ?Charmed,?? a character in a scene from Tori?s show says.

?Yeah right. That?s where she learned it,? Tori responds in the episode.

A playful jab at Shannen?s expense. But Torii did tell Access Hollywood she asked Shannen to be on the show.

?She was really kind and said that she adored me but she didn?t want to play herself, which is understandable,? Spelling said.

But Shannen told EW she thinks Tori may have taken her turndown personally and was hurt by her on-screen jabs.

Tori told Access it was only meant to be a joke.

?She and I were always best friends. We never had one problem. It was other people,? Tori explained. ?But we address it in a funny way.?

EW?s summer TV preview hits newsstands June 2.

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