‘True Blood’ Creator, Cast Reveal Secrets Of Season 4; Alexander Skarsgard: ‘Eric Is Very Vulnerable!’

The cast and creator of HBO’s “True Blood’s” gathered in Los Angeles on Saturday night and they spilled spoilers from the upcoming Season 4, which is shaping up to be its sexiest – and most mind blowing – season yet.

For starters, at the PaleyFest 2011 event, held at the city’s Saban Theatre, creator Alan Ball and Eric Northman’s portrayer – Alexander Skarsgard — confirmed that the show will be adopting a major plot twist that opens Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novel, “Dead To The World.” The plot twist, which sets much of the drama of Season 4 in motion? The sexy former Viking-turned-Fangtasia-bar-owner begins Season 4 with NO memory.

“1,000 years of resentment for humanity is gone,” Alexander told an auditorium of fans at the event, who met the news with a screams of delight. “So Eric needs help.”

“This is just a blast what we’re shooting now because he is lost,” the Swede told the packed auditorium, adding that Sheriff Eric Northman is “very vulnerable.”

Alexander stopped shy of revealing why Eric starts out Season 4 without his memory, simply saying he, “messed with the wrong people.”

Click HERE to watch a sneak peek, featuring Eric!

As for series heroine, waitress and fairy Sookie Stackhouse, she too will have an unusual start to Season 4, having returned from a trip with her fairy godmother.

“She’s been on a bit of an adventure,” Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie, told the crowd. “She disappeared into the soft… fuzzy light with Claudine and she comes back.

“And, she’s different,” Anna added, joking that on set, they refer to Sookie’s hands lighting up as “microwave fingers.”

Having broken up with Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) at the end of Season 3, a single Sookie will find herself with several potentional suitors this season, which could mean some Eric action and also a rekindling of that steamy chemistry with werewolf and construction man Alcide (played by Pittsburgh hunk Joe Manganiello).

Among Alcide’s plusses?

“Alcide doesn’t turn into a ball of charred fire during the daytime,” Anna laughed. “Alcide has that nice warm thing going [for him]… but Alcide comes with some baggage.”

That baggage comes in the furry variety – Alcide’s ex-girlfriend — Debbie Pelt.

“She’s still alive and at large,” Joe said.

As for Bill, British actor Stephen said his epic battle with Queen Sophie Anne (Evan Rachel Wood), which began as Season 3 concluded, will be intense.

“There is a bite off. There is a bit of a fight,” he laughed.

“It’s not just the two of them involved in the fight,” Alan chimed in, noting someone else is involved.

“In a sense,” Anna added.

While in the past, Alan has said he sees Sookie and Bill as soulmates, it’s unlikely the pair will find their way back to each other just yet.

“It’s hard not to think they’re soulmates when they’re soulmates in actual life,” Alan said of the characters played by real-life married couple Anna and Stephen. “[But]… the betrayal is so deep, I don’t think there’s an easy way back from that.”

Other news revealed at the panel session included confirmation that the show hopes to bring the delightful Denis O’Hare back as the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, but likely not this season.

“And he is gonna be pissed,” Alan laughed referring to Russell’s Season 3 end – encased in concrete.

“Please don’t bring him back,” Alexander laughed.

Alan revealed that Gary Cole, most recently of “The Good Wife,” and patriarch Mike in “The Brady Bunch Movie,” will make an appearance in the show in an undisclosed role.

Alan confirmed there will be a new werewolf this season and a child (Arlene’s).

Chris Bauer, who plays detective Andy Bellefleur, hinted that his character may have the drug V (as in vampire blood) on the brain.

“A lot of V came into the station,” Chris told the crowd. “And, you know, that’s where he works.”

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