True Blood Q&A: Jacob Hopkins On Playing A Kid Vampire

A host of new vampires will make their “True Blood” premiere this weekend when fans finally meet the Vampire Authority. And, among the ranks headed up by Christopher Meloni as Roman, is a child vampire, or rather, an ages-old vampire in a kid’s body – Alexander Drew, played fourth grade student Jacob Hopkins.

So what’s it like being a kid on the very adult-themed show? So far, pretty fun the youngster – and vampire fan — told Tell me about Alexander, from what we’ve heard, he’s in the Vampire Authority and he’s mean.

Jacob Hopkins: I’m basically a troublemaker. I’m being described as an impetuous vampire who likes to taunt others. He’s feisty and he’s really strong-minded… He was turned at the age of 9.

Access: How old do you think Alexander is?

Jacob: I may look young, but looks can be deceiving. I’ve been around for a long time. I’m a chancellor on the Authority, so obviously I wasn’t made yesterday. So I’m like an old man in a kid’s body and you can say that I’m very wise and strong-minded.

Access: Did you have to do any research to play Alexander?

Jacob: I didn’t have to do any research at all. I have like, all these monster books and stuff. I love vampires. They’re like one of my favorite monsters, so I know a lot of the vampires’ powers, like super speed, super strength.

Access: Christopher Meloni plays your boss on the show, what’s he like to work with?

Jacob: He’s a really nice guy. One day I was watching Chris Meloni do a scene, and I was thinking he did such an amazing job and I just [wanted] to go over and [shake] his hand and that’s exactly what I [did]. I said, ‘You did a great job!’ and he said, ‘You too man.’ He’s just an awesome guy.

Access: How does Alexander relate to Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)?

Jacob: I get to work with Bill and Eric and as you know, last season, they killed an Authority member, so they’re in hot water with us now. The counsel, which I’m a part of — I’m one of the council members, we give advice to Roman [played by Christopher Meloni] who’s the guardian, but it’s his decision to decide if Bill and Eric die or not.

Access: Do the kids at your real school know you’re in ‘True Blood’?

Jacob: Yeah, they know I’m gonna be in ‘True Blood’ and they think it’s so awesome. I mean, a lot of kids in my class love vampires.

Access: Do you have a favorite vampire of all time?

Jacob: I like Dracula, he’s a pretty awesome vampire.

“True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 9 on HBO.

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