TV One Access: The Most Legendary Sex Symbols Of All Time!

On the next “TV One Access,” host Tatyana Ali and correspondent Quddus present the most seductive starlets of all time. From Josephine Baker’s banana costume to Halle Berry’s catsuit, “TV One Access” takes a look at the ladies who left the sexiest imprint on Hollywood and discuss what makes their sexiness so historically significant.

“The Most Legendary Sex Symbols Of All Time” is an hour-long special produced by TV One’s monthly entertainment news program, “TV One Access.” The special premieres Sunday, May 16, 2010 (check local listings) on cable’s TV One (

In this episode, “TV One Access” profiles eight beauties who reshaped what it means to be the complete package. From the revolutionary beauty of the roaring 20’s, to the flawless physique and fierce sensuality of the new millennium’s sexiest seductresses, the show teaches a history lesson we all can appreciate.

“The women we chose to profile in this show were all the embodiments of sexiness in their day,” said Monique Chenault, Senior Producer,” TV One Access. “But more importantly, each of them expanded and revolutionized our country’s standard of beauty to include the shades and shapes that belong to African-American women.”

Legendary lady Josephine Baker, coined the “Creole Goddess,” was a huge star in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, and is known for being one of the greatest and most original entertainers in the world. The dancer and singer captivated audiences around the globe while breaking new ground in terms of wardrobe, style, sexuality and racial perception. In the 1960’s a new supreme diva stepped out on the stage. From Motown to major motion pictures, Diana Ross sang the blues, batted her eyes and brought men to their feet.

Completing the list of the most legendary sex symbols of all time are modern day knock-outs Halle Berry and Beyonce Knowles. The over-the-top beauty of Halle Berry is unmatched in representing the 90’s with memories of her Catwoman costume and the orange bikini she donned as a Bond girl. Beyonce embodies the ultimate sex symbol of this century while strutting on stage in five inch stilettos and an unmistakeable sillouette.

Also profiled in this one-hour special are Dorothy Dandridge, the first black woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in 1954; Pam Grier, the first black femme fatale in the1970’s; Prince’s “Nasty Girl,” Vanity; and Jayne Kennedy, who became the first black female sportscaster in 1978.

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