Vince Vaughn ‘Glad’ ‘The Dilemma’s’ ‘Gay’ Joke Remaining In Movie

Vince Vaughn is happy that his new movie, “The Dilemma” is keeping the “gay” joke that caused an uproar and which was subsequently yanked from the movie’s trailer. The actor added he didn’t ever even think the joke was offensive.

“We didn’t think it was being used as a derogatory term,” Vince said on Q100’s Bert Radio Show on Wednesday.

The actor was referring to a scene in the movie, during which his character – an automotive consultant – says, “Ladies and gentlemen, electric cars are gay. I mean, not homosexual gay, but you know, my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay.”

The joke was removed from the film’s trailer three weeks ago after it was deemed insensitive by GLAAD.

“I think whenever you’re doing comedy, it’s easy for someone to find something and maybe take it in a way, but that’s the point, it’s a comedy. We were never trying to hurt anyone’s feelings,” Vince continued in the interview. “We’re just trying to make people laugh. If there’s tension there, ultimately, it brings us together, it makes things more comfortable.

“I’m glad to hear it’s staying in the movie, that being said, with all the things that were happening at the time, Universal was trying to be respectful of the climate of what was going on,” the actor continued.

As previously reported on, director Ron Howard addressed the issue in a letter to The Los Angeles Times last month saying he felt it was “inappropriate” for the studio to remove the line from the trailer.

“I believe in sensitivity but not censorship,” the director wrote in the letter.

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