'The Walking Dead': Melissa McBride Talks 'The Same Boat'

After being captured and having their lives threatened, Carol and Maggie managed to turn the tables on their captors in Sunday night's "The Walking Dead."

The episode, titled "The Same Boat," pitted Melissa McBride's Carol against a hardened former secretary named Paula, played by guest star Alicia Witt, and Lauren Cohan's Maggie against Jeananne Goossen's Chelle.

Before the show ended, Carol, who clearly was dealing with emotional turmoil related to killing others (even if its been out of necessity in the walker apocalypse), was pushed into a position where she was forced to take lethal action again. In order to save Maggie and herself, she had to stop holding back and fight Paula, ultimately killing her.

Paula definitely got under Carol's skin, but did the interaction change Carol?

"First of all, working with Alicia Witt was so fun. She's hilarious," Melissa told Access Hollywood. "But what I found in this episode was how -- it was called 'The Same Boat,' we're in the same boat, but these women… were all so similar to one another," Melissa said. 

"Chelle and Maggie are very similar -- [in a] similar situation. Carol and Paula [are] so very similar and I don't know that either one of them changed the other. I think that they certainly understood how similar they were," she added.

The episode focused on female characters and the different directions they've gone in in the zombie apocalypse – two from Rick's group, and three from the Saviors. It was an episode Melissa enjoyed working on.

"That was so much fun to do and I love it for television," she said.

"Because you get to see the strength of these women and just the focus on these women is just wonderful to see," Melissa said of what she appreciated about the episode.

After reuniting with the group at the end of the episode, Carol was left with blood dripping down her hand after she gripped the rosary too tightly while Rick took care of the last Savior member, shooting him point blank.

Access asked Melissa if what happened with the rosary was a sign indicating where Carol is from a mental standpoint, at this moment in the show.

"I don't think she intentionally drew it into her hand. I think she's so stunned -- just where her state of mind is, and… she's behind Rick, away from it and just standing there after all that she's been through and all of these experiences with these women, and she's come from this burning tomb, where she lit these guys on fire," Melissa said. "There's so much awesome symbolism in this episode. But anyway, she's at a distance from this and just sees Rick just point blank [do what he did]. It's a reflection, you know? It's a shocking reflection on herself and she's got the rosary in her hand and is just gripping it so hard that she punctures the palm of her hand. But the symbolism, the blood, the palm, the crucifix -- there's so much going on. This is episode is so loaded and wonderful."

"The Walking Dead" continues Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT on AMC.

-- Jolie Lash

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