Whitney Houston’s Loved Ones: What Will Happen To Bobbi Kristina?

Amid the outpouring of emotion inside Whitney Houston’s funeral on Saturday in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey, many tears were shed not only for the fallen superstar, but for the daughter she left behind.

Following the service, rumors swirled that Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, went missing for several hours and was nowhere to be found. However, on Monday, two people who were close to Whitney’s family and inside the funeral on Sunday cleared up the rumors and addressed the 18-year-old’s state of mind – and future — following the loss of her mother.

“Not true. Not true,” Whitney’s godmother Darlene Love told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday of the reports which suggested Bobbi Kristina vanished following the funeral. “She was with us and she was with the family the whole time… She’s been with the family these last couple of days. We all know where she is, she’s not missing.”

As far as reports which suggested Bobbi Kristina may be using drugs and could be headed for rehab, longtime family friend BeBe Winans said he knew nothing about any problems allegedly facing the teen despite the tough times.

“I don’t know anything about rehab. I can tell you from being around her, pretty much all her life, and at the same time being around her in this dark valley, she’s doing wonderful. She’s doing wonderful,” BeBe – who spoke and performed during the funeral – told Billy and Kit in a separate interview. “I’m turning 50 this year and to lose my mother would be devastating, so I understand at 18, to lose someone, not only just your mother, but your friend – someone you love, it’s devastating. So wherever she needs to walk, the positive thing is that she’s not walking alone. We will be by her side.”

But will Bobbi Kristina’s dad, Bobby Brown, also be by her side as she moves forward?

“That’s really going to have to be her choice whether she wants him in her life… and I don’t think nobody is going to give her any information or try to move her one way or the other. That’s one decision she’s definitely going to have to make on her own,” Darlene noted.

In fact, BeBe said Bobbi Kristina’s mother would want her daughter and ex-husband to remain close.

“The thing that is real is that’s what Whitney would say,” BeBe said, when asked if Bobby should be a part of his daughter’s life. “Even when they decided to divorce… she told Bobbi Kristina, ‘He will always be your father. You will need your father,’ and no matter what happens, she will have her father because Whitney’s family understands that.”

The family realizes, however, that Bobbi Kristina – as a young adult – will ultimately make her own decision.

“She’s 18… she’s going to make her decision… she has plenty of people she can lean on and whatever decision she makes, we will support her,” BeBe said.

So where will Bobbi Kristina live?

“We don’t know that yet. I have a feeling that she’s going to end up being close to the family. Most of… Whitney’s family is still in New Jersey, and that’s where Whitney was off and on… I don’t know where she’s going to end up, but like you said, she’s 18 years old and she’s going to try to make her own decisions,” Darlene added.

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