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PHEWWW!! I am so glad the Argentine Tango is over! That dance was stressful and dramatic and just a whole lot of work. By the time Saturday had rolled around I pretty much thought in my mind, “Oh well, I will just do my best and whatever happens, happens. At least I know I have given it my all!” I still was nervous about the lifts and tricks and I didn’t know how well our story would come across. I guess the crowd’s energy, excitement and live show just kicked in and everything magically came together…I am very proud of the final dance!

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I definitely want to thank Val, Maks and Anna for their patience and determination in teaching me this past week. How impressive is it that Val had never danced an Argentine Tango before in his life? I thought to myself, “How are we going to pull this off?” But Val is seriously a genius…I call him a G!! Anna helped me capture the essence of the character… We had to come up with a different kind of story: one of danger and deceit rather than LUUUUUVE!! lol It was so awesome how she was able to convey the passion and I was able to pick up on that after watching her and emulating her. Maks also helped us immensely, especially with the tricks and lifts.

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Also, we always film our routines so we can watch them back and see what needs to be fixed and this week it was more important than ever. It was so helpful to be able to see what we were doing and what we needed to work on! It helped me see things that Anna was doing that I wasn’t able to see while performing next to her. So happy we had that to help us!

I have said before how much I admire Val and Maks’ brotherly love… They both have an amazing love for family and I respect them so much for that. I feel like I have two more older brothers to look out for me and protect me…and who could say no to that? It’s an awesome feeling…family first!!

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Again this week, my fans have helped me as well. I have read a lot of negative things this week on Twitter and in some magazines and blogs. Sometimes it can get to me, but I have continually used the hash tag #keepitpositive on Twitter when I read these crazy stories about me or my family… rather than responding to the rumors or even lies. I simply choose to ignore the negativity and use it as motivation to do even better. My fans help me so much with this because when I Tweeted about it, they were all so positive and reminded me of what I already knew…how much they loved and supported me!! That gets me through the tough times and I appreciate that more than you know!!

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Finally, I want to reiterate my deep sadness for the events in Boston. My heart was truly broken when I read about 8-year-old Martin Richard. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all the people affected by this tragedy… Martin is now a sweet angel looking down on us all. The images of the caring and brave people running towards the explosions let me know that even with evil in this world, goodness and light will surely prevail.

-- Zendaya

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