13 Times Taylor Swift Proved She's The Purrfect Cat Lady

13 Times Taylor Swift Proved She's The Purrfect Cat Lady

Before she was the queen of snakes, Taylor Swift was the world's purrfect princess.

When the "Delicate" singer isn't touring the world or slaying the charts, Taylor is most likely hanging out with her "fuzzy daughters," Meredith and Olivia. Since welcoming the kittens into her life, she has quickly transformed into the ultimate cat lady.

Here's 13 times Taylor has made us go, "you've gotta be kitten me."

1. When she covered her phone with cat stickers

Taylor Swift Cat Stickers


2. She wears Olivia's face around her neck. Not because she owns her, but because she really knows her

Taylor Swift Cat Necklace


3. When she carried around her custom embroidered cat carriers

4. Remember that one-of-a-kind kitty shirt she gave Ryan Reynolds for "Deadpool 2"?

5. When she took photos with giant posters of her fuzzy daughters after her concert

Taylor Swift Olivia Benson


6. That time she gave Olivia an inspirational pep talk

Some real tough questions I had for Olivia.

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

7. When she introduced her cat Olivia Benson to the real Olivia Benson

8. When she rode a giant Pegasus-cat in a commercial

9. The time she accidentally became her cats on stage

10. Only Taylor would release an entire merch line dedicated to her cats

11. Her "Bad Blood" superhero name was literally "Catastrophe"

Taylor Swift Debuts 'Bad Blood' Poster

12. When she carried Olivia in her arms while strutting through New York City

Taylor Swift and Olivia

13. The time Taylor forced Meredith to take a selfie with her and she was not having it 

Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith on Instagram, October 2015


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