Access Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Talks Media Scrutiny & Dad’s Friendship With Jon Gosselin

In a new exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan opened up about being the constant focus of media scrutiny, her father’s newfound friendship with Jon Gosselin and her new gig working with Ungaro fashion house.

“Everyone goes through tough times and the second that I decided I wanted to be in front of the camera … I think I’ve always kind of aspired to be like Britney Spears in the tabloids when I was in middle school,” Lindsay told Access of being in the media spotlight. “It’s kind of something you sign up for in the beginning and if you really want it, you know that comes with it.

“There are times when it does affect me. When I’m having a bad day or dealing with something personal that is no one else’s business but they’re going to spin it anyway. If I make the wrong face and I’m having a really great day, they’re going to say something negative anyway,” she continued. “I know that I’m a target and I know that I’ve given people a lot of reason to kind of run with things that have been said. I no longer intend on doing that, but I’m not perfect.”

When asked if she had any regrets, Lindsay said it’s all part of the learning process.

“There are things I would like to take back and I always say that, but there aren’t many things that I regret doing, because I wouldn’t have learned from them, and I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she noted. “I think it’s taken me a long time to learn how to love myself before I could love someone else too. Whether it be a best friend or family or someone that I’m in a relationship with.”

And what does she have to say about her father, Michael Lohan, and his friendship with reality star Jon Gosselin of TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8”?

“I’ve actually never seen that show, but what my dad does is none of my business,” Lindsay said. “I’ve seen enough of it in the past and I no longer want to deal with any of that.”

The starlet, who is working as an artistic advisor for Ungaro fashion house, said she was excited about the partnership and nervous for the upcoming fashion show in Paris.

“I’m nervous about the show the way I get nervous about a film. Maybe a little bit more about this because it’s a little more personal,” she told Access. “In a film I’m playing someone else and people can relate to that character. This is very much me and I’m putting all of my efforts into it.”

For more with Lindsay, tune in to Access Hollywood on Friday, September 11.

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