‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Star Jenna Cooper Reveals She Wants Jordan Kimball Back Following Cheating Scandal

Jenna Cooper isn’t ready to throw in the relationship towel!

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star continued to deny claims that she cheated on her ex-fiancé Jordan Kimball on Friday. Jenna took to Instagram to reveal that she hopes to move forward with Jordan and will soon provide evidence that proves that she remained faithful.


“To Jordan, our families, friends, and supporters: please stand by as I prepare to provide the true facts that will demonstrate the fraud perpetrated by terrible individuals,” The reality star captioned the snap, which showed the former couple riding horses on the beach.

“Please be patient as this takes time. In the interim, I appreciate all the continued love and support I have received. I am presently back home with my family trying to heal from this heartbreak,” Jenna expressed.

“And to Jordan, I am sorry that horrible people have used fabricated, hateful efforts to come between us. I promise you that the truth will be set free in the coming weeks, and it will unquestionably be to your satisfaction.”

“To the persons that did this to Jordan, myself, our relationship, the show, our families, and our fans, Justice is coming to you,” Jenna continued. “To anyone who has had people callously, maliciously and falsely attempt to destroy all that you Love, this for you too.”

“I look forward to returning to a place of happiness, joy, moving forward with Jordan, and life.. knowing that everyone knows the truth,” the reality star concluded.

Jordan Kimball, Jenna Cooper
Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball from “Bachelor in Paradise”

Jenna and Jordan’s engagement exploded after cheating rumors involving Jenna and a mystery man came to light. Before the Season 5 “BIP” finale aired, Reality Steve posted text messages from an unnamed man who said he was romantically linked to Jenna.

Jenna spoke out about the scandal on Wednesday, claiming that the texts were fabricated, but Jordan said he had a hard time believing her.

“I know my Jenna, and I read those texts, and, in my heart, I know it’s her,” he shared with People magazine.

Jordan ended things with Jenna shortly after her alleged affair surfaced. The male model, however, revealed on a recent episode of Reality Steve’s podcast that he “forgives” Jenna and would be up for chatting with her in person.

“I feel like we went through a lot together, and we had a milestone in each other’s lives,” Jordan expressed. “I gave her my heart. I thought she gave me hers, and I feel like we owe each other that closure, to see each other and talk in person.”


Will the two get back together? It looks like we will just have to wait and see!

— by Lauren Herbert

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