Becca’s Ex Ross Shows Up On ‘The Bachelor’: 7 Hot Pics Of Ross & Everything You Need To Know

Monday’s episode of  “The Bachelor” had quite a few surprises when Arie took his remaining ladies to Peru. 

Spoiler alerts ahead!

Let’s start with this first in “The Bachelor” history (or at least as far as we can remember)… One of the lady’s exes showed up at the resort where she was staying for the hit ABC show and tried to win her back. 

Becca’s ex, Ross, hopped a flight to Peru, drove five hours to the resort where Becca was shacking up with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and then proceeded to tell both Becca and Arie that he still has feelings of her and can’t stop thinking about her after they broke up last year.

Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. Ya know!?  

Then he told both Arie and Becca that he wants to marry her. Hmm. That probably puts a wrinkle in Arie’s plans. 

At any rate, while Arie was clearly not thrilled with Ross’ epic declaration of love, Bachelor Nation was all about it. Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on making Ross the next bachelor. In honor of #BachelorNation’s fandom toward Ross, we’ve collected some of his hottest photos and a couple of fun facts. 

You’re welcome. 

Full Name: Ross Jirgl

Mini Bio according to Instagram: Wisconsin Grown. Stanford University. Sport Performance Coach – Football.

1. Ross has already nailed the humble brag, writing “If I ever get to heaven, it will look something like this.” We’re pretty sure he’s talking about the Hawaiian sunset, but honestly, his abs look pretty heavenly too. 

2. Ross is a sports performance coach at Stanford. This basically means he’s in charge of getting other people stay into great shape (so he clearly takes pride in his own bod too). Naturally, he rocks that cardinal red like a champ. 

3. He’s all American, ya’ll. Just look at those shorts and the gun show. 

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4. He’s fishing for love… and he’s pretty darn good at it. 

5. Honestly, we had zero idea that #Snatchvember was even a thing. But we’re all about it here. 

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#275 #Snatchvember?

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6. Ok, but seriously, he’s outdoorsy, he camps, he can build a fire, and we imagine he’s not half bad at making s’mores too. Someone definitely will want to cuddle up with this cutie. 

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I was gonna go to work… but then I got high

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7. If ’80s hair bands ever made a return, Ross would be ready. 

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