Ben Affleck Reveals His Top 10 Favorite iPhone Apps

Everyone loves a good app – especially celebrities!

To celebrate Apple’s fifth anniversary of the Apple App Store, some stars are sharing their favorite on-the-go must-have programs!

Now, unveils Ben Affleck’s favorite phone apps and why he loves them so much!

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  • At Bat: This app is great for when I want to watch the Red Sox but I’m on the road.
  • Evernote: Evernote lets me take articles I find on the web and lets me read them anywhere on my iPhone.
  • Waze: Waze is great for navigation and easy to use.
  • Tweetbot: Tweebot lets me easily keep track of the news and organize my feeds. Follow me on Twitter here.
  • Stitcher Radio: Stitcher Radio helps me keep track of podcasts I’m into and suggests new ones based on what I’ve liked. It’s like Pandora for podcasts.
  • Goodreads: Goodreads is a great place to keep track of books I’ve heard about and want to read but have to shelve for later.
  • Wikipedia Mobile: Great for satisfying curiosity and either winning or losing arguments about trivia.
  • IMDb: Well, this one is obvious.
  • ESPN Sportscenter: This is a killer app on my iPad for quick updates on my teams’ scores.
  • This American Life: I love what the public radio space is doing on the digital front.

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