Brad Pitt Ditches The Cane, Clarifies Marriage Comments: It’s ‘Difficult’ To Wait ‘When You Love Someone

After sporting a cane for a few months due to a knee injury, Brad Pitt’s walking stick has become a play toy for his and Angelina Jolie’s kids as Brad begins the process of strengthening his atrophied leg.

“I was getting all lopsided,” Brad, 48, explained to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. “So, I’m trying to balance out now.”

The actor — who, in addition to his SAG Award nomination for “Moneyball,” was also nominated for an Academy Award — revealed the Jolie-Pitt family enjoyed a good old-fashioned pancake breakfast to celebrate his Oscar nod.

“I got ‘em all jacked up on sugar,” he told Shaun. “I’m surprised they weren’t sent home from school!”

Earlier on Sunday, the actor revealed to “CBS Morning News” correspondent Lee Cowan he’s been receiving “a lot of pressure” from his kids to marry Angelina – a comment the actor is beginning to regret.

“Why did I say that?” Brad laughed, when asked about the already-highly-publicized marriage reveal. “No, but there’s an issue of equality in marriage, and we wanted to hold out until everyone had the right.

“I was just commenting on, one, it’s really difficult [to wait] when you love someone, and two, that we’re getting a lot of heat from the kids,” he explained.

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