Brooklyn Decker On Her Five Battleship Auditions: It Was ‘Torture’

Brooklyn Decker’s beauty is usually considered an asset, but when it came time to audition for her latest role as an Admiral’s daughter in “Battleship,” producers put the former model through the paces to prove she wasn’t just another pretty face.

“[I auditioned] five times,” Brooklyn told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush at the “Battleship” premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday. “On the fifth time, I actually met [director] Peter Berg and the whole time they’re like, ‘You’re not tough enough. We don’t think you’re tough enough to do this role.’

“So they kept bringing me back, and I’m like, ‘This is torture to keep coming back,’” she continued. “Then finally the fifth time, Pete made sure that I was tough enough, and he did and I got the role.”

Despite their exotic locale (the action movie was shot in Hawaii), Brooklyn and her equally stunning co-star Rihanna were glammed down for the gritty film.

“Pete was really big on both Rihanna and I being very deconstructed,” she said. “You usually see us like this — we’re dressed up, we have people work on us for hours. But [Pete] was like, ‘No, I want you guys with no makeup, covered in dirt, doing stunts, doing fight scenes.’ So, both of us had to train really hard. It was a blast.”

The 25-year-old beauty has only one scene with Rihanna in “Battleship,” but the duo enjoyed a little island hang out time when they weren’t busy filming.

“[Rihanna] and I actually got to spend some time together, and now even more on the press tour,” Brooklyn said. “I was a fan before, but an even bigger fan now. She’s incredible!”

Catch Brooklyn and Riri on the big screen when “Battleship” hits theaters on May 18.

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