Brooklyn Decker Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her App Finery That Helps You Organize Your Closet!

Get ready to have the closet of your dreams!

Actress and entrepreneur Brooklyn Decker chatted with Access about the latest updates from her fashion app Finery, which helps users organize their clothing and, ultimately, save extra money!

Finery has already been compared to Cher Horowitz’s epic digital closet from “Clueless” because of its ability to curate outfits and provide style inspiration based on the pieces already in your wardrobe. And, the 30-year-old mom of two admitted she doesn’t mind those comparisons at all, even though that’s not where the initial idea came from.

“That really wasn’t the intention behind the app,” Brooklyn said. “We just wanted to increase productivity for women and save them time. But then so many people started calling it the ‘Clueless closet’ and it allowed people to understand what we did so quickly and easily that we just owned it.”

Brooklyn co-created the app with Finery’s CEO Whitney Casey to help women increase their efficiency and save time throughout the day.

“Women are spending more money on their clothing than their education in their lifetime, which was a staggering statistic to us, but there’s nothing out there to help us manage our stuff,” she said. “So, really it just came down to productivity… We thought there had to be a technology out there—there wasn’t. So, we built it.”

Brooklyn also explained how the app can work for you on those days when you have “nothing to wear.”

“On those days where you feel like you have nothing to wear, which so many of us have, you wake up, you look at your wardrobe, you click any item and then we give you inspiration,” she explained. “It’s just mindless, it saves you time, you’re not worrying about what to wear and you’re not going out making impulse purchases.”

Watch the video above for more from our interview with Brooklyn. Plus, check out Finery here!

— Gabi Duncan

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