Cameron Diaz: Leave My Hairdresser Alone!

Cameron Diaz wants the world to know she wasn’t truly upset when she had her hair trimmed a little shorter earlier this year, nor is she angry at the woman who chopped her locks.

On Monday, at the premiere of her new film “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” Cameron explained to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, that when she recently shared a story on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” about her short crop, it wasn’t as big of a deal as the tabloids made it.

“Everybody started calling her — like all the rag magazines started going, ‘Do you want to talk about how you ruined Cameron Diaz’s hair?’” Cameron recounted of the calls her unnamed pal received.

“This is a woman who does every huge actor in Hollywood,” Cameron continued, mentioning her pal’s pedigree. “It made me so crazy that it became this whole thing that I hated my hair, when I love my hair. I loved my haircut.”

Cameron said she only shared the story of her original tears over the crop on “The Tonight Show” because she wanted to tell a “sort of fun story that I thought everybody could relate to.”

She added that her tears were over a trim, not the initial cut that took her longer hair to a jawline skimming cut.

“I had already had my hair cut short… It was right before Christmas. ‘I’m like, ‘Can you please give me at trim?’ She’s like, ‘Of course, come over.’

“We were just kind of rushed,” Cameron continued. “When you have short hair [a little bit more] is a lot… I love my hair. I love the haircut she gave me.”

Cameron said she hopes the tabloids will leave her pal alone.

“She doesn’t deserve that, she’s an amazing hairdresser,” the actress added.

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